A Fun GrownUp Adventure, Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle Film Review

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Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle Courtesy Media Stinger

Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle Courtesy Media Stinger

The first Jumanji was released in 1995 and starred the late Robin Williams as Alan Parish the man trapped in the game.

Fast forward to 2017 and a lot changed, yet the film franchise based on the children’s book of the same name by Chris Van Allsburg remained true to its spirit, that of adventure.

Jumanji- Welcome to the Jungle brings in a fresh team including Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Nick Jonas and Karen Gillian. The Jumanji adventure kick starts when four students are sent to detention and they discover the board game, which is not an ordinary one. Soon one after the other they are transported into the jungle and have to deal with their new adult bodies and characters and have to figure out the game in order to come out and return to their detention class.

This adventure brings the sparky fun of Kevin Hart, a well known comedian, Jack Black who is known as Kung Fu Panda, Dwayne Johnson who is the famous Rock wrestler and finally pop star singer Nick Jonas makes his Hollywood debut.

The film is full of quirky dialogues and lots of CGI moments but you are transported into a jungle and before you know it you too are dodging the rhinos and elephants. It is a fun ride for the children and adults who love playing games.

Jumanji is a must watch if you want to start your 2018 on a light note.


Lady of Poetry, A Quiet Passion Film Review

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A Quiet Passion Courtesy Fandango

A Quiet Passion Courtesy Fandango

“I cannot live with You –

It would be Life –

And Life is over there –

Behind the Shelf”

Emily Dickinson is a famous American poet, who received much fame after her passing away in 1886. She had a sister and a brother and her father was a lawyer. Emily succumbed to death at the age of 55 after being diagnosed with Bright’s disease, which attacks the kidneys.

A Quiet Passion is going to be a sure Academy Award contender for best Actress Cynthia Nixon who plays Emily. The film captures the young Emily till her death, her journey as a poet and her struggles in standing firm with her opinions.

In the 1850s women in America still had traditional roles and Christianity still remained their rock stone for culture. So anybody who questioned either was misunderstood. Emily has had her own thoughts about men and marriage.

Cynthia Nixon is famous for her role as the lawyer named Miranda in the blockbuster series Sex and The City, has done an exceptional performance as Emily. Jennifer Ehle supports Cynthia in the role of Emily’s sister Lavinia and Duncan Duff is Emily’s brother Austin. Keith Carradine who is known for acting as the President in the US Series Madam Secretary plays the role of Emily’s father, Edward.

The pace of the film is slow and steady and confined to the house of the Dickinsons but director Terence Davies does not fail to deliver a sweet heartbreaking story.

A Quiet Passion is for the literary fans and those who support female writers. It is a sweet execution of a story of a passionate and earnest writer.

Rocking Ladies, Lipstick Under My Burkha Film Review

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Lipstick Under My Burkha

Once in a while comes a film in Bollywood that introduces future stars, both actors and directors. In this case, Producer Prakash Jha known for path breaking movies like Apharan, Satyagraha and more, put his money in a film titled Lipstick Under My Burkha. He gave the able responsibility of directorship to his assistant Alankrita Shrivastava. She made her directorial debut in 2011 with the film Turning 30 and now with Lipstick Under My Burkha, Alankrita is here to stay.

Lipstick Under My Burkha is the story of four women, who are facing challenges in their own unique situation, yet all live in the same neighbourhood of Bhopal.

Shireen Aslam (Konkana Sen Sharma) is an excellent sales lady but her husband is a patriarch so she has to hide her employment status.

Rehana Abidi (Plabita Borthakur) is an 18-year-old who dreams about being a rock star like Miley Cyrus but is being forced by the family to stitch Burkhas for their shop every night and remain conservative.

Leela (Ahaana Khunra) is a beautician who wants to runaway with her photographer boyfriend, but her mother wants her to settle down with a groom of her choice.

Ushaji (Ratna Pathak) is the owner of a mithai shop and well to do however she is lonely and aroused by a Mills & Boons series titled Lipstick.

These ladies clash with their immediate friends and families and finally have to choose their paths because like anybody living a lie, you do get caught. But is this a good lie? Are they right? Is the society right?

Alankrita is definitely a feminist and this movie is for them only. Society upholders will not enjoy or even understand.

Lipstick Under My Burkha already has a sequel planned. Let’s wait and watch.

He Can Act, Firangi Film Review

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The King of Comedy Kapil Sharma has been through many scandals this year. However it is on a beautiful note that he will complete 2017. His first film Kis Kisko Pyar Karoon was a typical romantic comedy entry for him as an actor.

The film Firangi has proven that he is here to stay as an actor too.

Firangi is the story set in a small village of Naku Guda where the King (Kumud Mishra) wants them to vacate it so that he and his British friend want to put up a liquor factory. Manga (Kapil Sharma) comes to Naku Guda with his friend Heera (Inaamulhaq) for his wedding and he falls in love with Sargi (Ishita Dutta). Manga promises Sargi he will become a Police Officer for the British and return to ask for her hand in marriage.

In his quest to become an officer, he meets Officer Mark Daniels (Edward Sonnenblick) who ends up recruiting him not for his amazing officer skills but his miracle hands in curing backaches. When Manga finds out about the factory plot, he promises the village that he will rescue them and only then marry Sargi. What follows are various situations of patriotism, Gandhi lectures, historical references and a climax to rescue all. Princess Shyamali (Monica Gill) who is the King’s daughter assists Manga in the plan.

Firangi will not break office records like Secret Superstar. However it certainly is an earnest attempt by Director Rajiev Dhingra, who has brought his simple story to life in a sweet way. For the superstar element, Amitabh Bachchan lends his voice in the introduction of the film, since it has been set a few years before India’s independence. A veteran cast of Kumud Mishra, Aanjjan Srivastav, Rajesh Sharma and Jatinder Kaur provide excellent support to Kapil as an actor. Sometimes you need better actors to bring out a better in actor in you.

Ishita Dutta who made her debut in Hindi films in Drishyam as Ajay Devgan’s daughter has done a good job as Sargi. Monica Gill who is an Indian-American model and winner of Miss India Worldwide 2014 has also delivered a suitable performance.

Firangi is a must watch for Kapil Sharma fans or those who want to see a simple story.

A Boring Ride, Murder on The Orient Express Film Review

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Murder on The Orient Express Courtesy GeekFore

Murder on The Orient Express Courtesy GeekFore

The Agatha Christie novel of the same name, Murder on the Orient Express was an interesting read. Kenneth Branagh, producer, actor and director is the maker of this film. He is playing the lead role of investigator Hercule Poirot and is the director of the film.

The film boasts of a star cast that includes Johnny Depp, Dame Judi Dench, Penelope Cruz, William Defoe, Michelle Pfeiffer and Daisy Ridley. The film is about a murder that happens on the Orient Express. Circumstances bring investigator Hercule to be on the train coincidentally and of course he gets to work as soon as the body is found. The whodunit mystery ends up getting put to ice under the tunnel where the train was meant to pass but an avalanche stopped it.

Kenneth Branagh is excellent as Hercule with the French accent and stylish bravado moustache. The rest of the cast is looking old and tired, except Daisy Ridley who shines in the surprise sinister character of Mary the governess. Johnny Depp has lost his depth, Michelle is a screaming witch and Penelope is only worth a few lines nowadays.

There is some saving grace because of the cinematography by Haris Zambarloukos, who last worked with Kenneth in the film Thor. The snowscapes and detail to the train’s fixtures, fittings and camera movement grips you from time to time.

It is a bland recipe of an express train sliding off the icy boring track.


A Yummy Saif, Chef Film Review

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Chef Poster Courtesy Wikipedia

Chef Poster Courtesy Wikipedia

The Akshay Kumar film, Airlift not only gave him a hit but also announced the arrival of a new director, Raja Krishna Menon. Raja has directed Chef and this new adventure primarily shot in Kochi is a delicious delight.

Chef is starring Saif Ali Khan opposite Padmapriya Janakiraman and includes Milind Soman. The story has been adapted from the Hollywood film Chef, which is based on a New York Michelin Star Chef who gets fired and needs a reality check. The Bollywood Chef follow the same recipe and Saif who plays Chef Roshan returns to his ex-wife and son to take a break. Soon an adventure of a mobile kitchen starts taking shape after Radha (Padmapriya) introduces him to Milind Soman who is ready to make the investment in the business.

Roshan is troubled because his ego is bruised, he is troubled because his heart changing to love his family more than food, he is troubled because money is in shortage and he wants to maintain a certain lifestyle.

Saif Ali Khan is in element and while he looks the fairest of them all in Kochi, he looks at home as he settles down in Delhi’s Connaught Place. As a father to a young boy Ari, they share a great bond. Saif reminds you of a typical urban desi dad who is slightly western in manners but Desi in culture.

Padmapriya is a good choice, I doubt any Hindi actress would have agreed to play this role. However the chemistry between the two is not very sparky. There was still something missing.

Chef belongs to Saif and while Milind Soman could have given him a complex as the new man in his ex-wife’s life, the Royal looks and charm don’t fail.

It is a must watch for the sake of Saif Ali Khan. The music is dull and even if superstar singer Raghu Dixit makes an appearance it is very casual for the film. The director also overdoes the pasta making scene by Saif but then anybody who loves food will suffer through it.

A True Fun Story, The Big Sick Film Review

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The Big Sick Courtesy Her Campus

The Big Sick Courtesy Her Campus

It is rare for Hollywood to have a real life story based on an inter-racial couple. Meet The Big Sick, which is the life story of comedian Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily V Gordon.

The film has been produced by Barry Mendel and Judd Apatow who is known for producing the Lena Dunham series GIRLS. The film has been directed by Michael Showalter who has gotten his big break since The Big Sick has broken off box records.

The story is about Kumail being an Uber driver and doing stand by comedy until he gets his career break at the Montreal Comedy Festival but all does not go as planned. By then he has told his family about Emily and they disapprove and disown him. Through the choppy seas of religion and health crisis Kumai lane Emily emerge bride and groom.

The Big Sick is a cool flick for the adult who is willing to appreciate the dynamics of people just the way they are regardless of cast. The cast of The Big Sick includes Zoe Karzan who plays Emily and this film will too become her big break.

Anupam Kher plays Azmat, Kumail’s dad and he is excellent. Adeel Akthar known for his work in Four Lions, plays Kumail’s quirky elder brother and his wife is Shehnaz Treasury.

The Big Sick is worth the popcorn watch and watch out for the big career of Kumail Nanjiani.

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