Diplomat’s Delight- Darkest Hour, Film Review

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Gary Oldman is an excellent actor but to convince you that he is Winston Churchill seemed the impossible he made possible. The lanky actor became overweight and old with the hair and makeup but his acting talent remained flawless behind the layers of England’s dynamic Prime Minister.

Darkest Hour comes down to the moments leading up to the British soldiers stranded at Dunkirk and challenge of Hitler finally invading the entire Europe. It is an excellent historical account of the Prime Minister’s early days and how he dealt with some of the toughest decisions he probably ever made in his life. It is a must watch for every leader to learn and observe what happened, what could be and what you become?

The best scene in the film is between Winston and King George. The King visits Winston and shows his support for showing grit against Hitler and whatever the outcome he will remain a highly respected leader in his eyes. The film has been directed by Joe Wright and since his debut film Pride and Prejudice, Darkest Hour is one of his finest work so far. Anthony McCarten who wrote the film The Theory of Everything brought his Oscar touch to Darkest Hour.

Kristin Scott Thomas played the role of Winston’s wife, Clementine and she left her mark with her confident body language and deep set eyes. Lily James as Winston’s typist symbolizes the hopeful generation that went on to increase development after the war.

Gary shines all the way and while it gets exhausting to get to the end, he holds you to the task of his short war in convincing his cabinet not to give in to Hitler.




Akshay’s Most Influential Film, PADMAN Film Review

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The release of Padman was delayed because of a friendly gesture from superstar Akshay Kumar to director Sanjay Leela Bhansali of Padmavaat, so that their two movies don’t clash in the box office. You may remember that Padmavaat was originally scheduled for a December 2017 release but was hit by controversies that saw it pushed to a later date in January 2018, which Padman also occupied.

Finally, the film opened to packed audiences…(Read More on KenyaBuzz)

Unbeatable, Battle of the Sexes Film Review

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Battle of the Sexes

Courtesy YTIMG

What do you get when you put together Academy Award winner Emma Stone and Golden Globe winner Steve Carell? You have the ultimate Battle of the Sexes.

The film is based on the legendary tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, where history finally changed and women in tennis were recognized for their worth fairly.

The performances of Emma Stone as Billie Jean King and Steve Carell as Bobby Riggs are brilliant. Emma is strong and vulnerable showing off her feminine desire and Bobby is a complaining hopeless real gambling husband who happens to be a tennis player.

It is Steve’s Little Miss Sunshine Directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris who also direct Battle of Sexes. Simon Beaufoy who has written Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours, Everest and more pens the story for Battle of Sexes.

This cool 70s drama is a must watch.

Delightful Determination, Breathe Film Review

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Breathe Courtesy The Vulture

Breathe Courtesy The Vulture

Andrew Garfiled is just so sweet. Claire Foy is such a hard working beauty. Meet the couple of Breathe.

The film is the true story of Robin Cavendish’s determination to live an honourable life after been diagonsed with polio. In his adventure, he is assisted by his wife Diana Blacker and their bunch of crazy friends.

This heart warming story starts in Kenya in 1958 where Robin falls ill and is told that he has a few months to live. He goes into depression but his wife gives birth to their son Jonathan and she convinces Robin to find a way to live.

Their determination leads to the invention of the wheel chair by Teddy Hall and Robin lives a full life as possible, passing away at the age of 64.

Andrew is sweet as the 28-year-old Robin facing the dreadful conclusion for his inevitable death.

Claire who is famous for being Queen Elizabeth in The Crown, shines throughout as his wife.

Tom Hollander plays a double role of Diana’s twins, Bloggs and David. His British sense of humor is too good.

Hugh Bonnville comes in as the inventor Teddy Hall and he is much fun.

The Game of Thrones actors Diana Rigg (Olyenna Tyrell) and Dean-Charles Champman (Tommen Baratheon) feature in as Lady Neville and the older son Jonathan Cavendish.

The film has been produced by Robin’s son, Jonathan and it has been directed by the multi-talented Andy Serkis.

Breathe is a beautiful love story that inspires you that no matter what, never give up on life and if you have a wonderful partner and awesome friends, life is cool.

A Snowy Romance, Mountain Between Us Film Review

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The Mountain Between Us Courtesy PopSugar

The Mountain Between Us Courtesy PopSugar

Idris Elba oozes sex appeal, but this time he showers romance to Kate Winslet in the film The Mountain Between Us.

Dr Ben Bass and journalist Alex Martin end up on a charter plan, when the pilot has a fit and dies, leaving the plane to crash in the mountain.

When he wakes up, he notices that Alex has severe leg injuries and has not gained consciousness. He gets to work, collecting all supplies possible and keeping her well. When she wakes up she is naturally disoriented that she has missed her wedding day.

Soon it becomes survival for the fittest and Alex insists they must walk down the cliff otherwise they will die up there. Ben is dealing with personal issues and he takes long to make up his mind, Alex takes a walk. Ben goes after her and now each other becomes the physical and mental support as they discover their true identities and the crisis they have faced in their respective lives and career.

This love story is unusual and when they meet in New York, anybody who loves New York will realize that it is a city of love.

The film is based on the same book written by Charles Martin and has been directed by Hany Abu-Assad.

This is Hany’s big Hollywood entry.

Idris is beautiful, vulnerable and strong at the same time. Kate is gorgeous, strong and stubborn. It is superb cool love story.






Wicked Wonderful, Bright Film Review

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Bright Courtesy of VOX

Bright Courtesy of VOX

Will Smith is Hollywood’s biggest actors and star. When he does a Netflix film, you have to take notice.

Bright is a fiction-based film set in Los Angeles where the Los Angeles Police Department is protecting the Magic Wand. Yes, this crazy idea is a treat to watch. There are Elves who are the classy and rich, then the orcs are the enemies of state and dwarves are the workers and finally humans are one step below the elves, fighting out their survival.

Will Smith plays the role of the LAPD Cop, Daryl Ward who returns to duty after being shot by an orc while buying a hot dog on the street. Unfortunately he also has an orc as his partner, and he was unable to catch the shooter. Joel Edgerton plays the role of his partner and is an orc.

The two end up in interesting situations and finally it is up to them to protect the magic wand, which can wipe out the entire planet. This action packed film has been well captured by cinematographer Roman Vasyanov who has also worked on Fury (Mad Max) and Suicide Squad. These two films are also common between Roman and the director David Ayer. This team has given BRIGHT a new version of fiction crime films.

Max Landis who has written the film is definitely making a big break in his career with this unusual story.

Bright is a good watch for action and Will Smith fans. Joel Edgerton who was last seen in the serious role of Richard Loving in the racial romantic tragic film Loving impresses you with his performance as the orc Jakoby.


A Fun GrownUp Adventure, Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle Film Review

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Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle Courtesy Media Stinger

Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle Courtesy Media Stinger

The first Jumanji was released in 1995 and starred the late Robin Williams as Alan Parish the man trapped in the game.

Fast forward to 2017 and a lot changed, yet the film franchise based on the children’s book of the same name by Chris Van Allsburg remained true to its spirit, that of adventure.

Jumanji- Welcome to the Jungle brings in a fresh team including Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Nick Jonas and Karen Gillian. The Jumanji adventure kick starts when four students are sent to detention and they discover the board game, which is not an ordinary one. Soon one after the other they are transported into the jungle and have to deal with their new adult bodies and characters and have to figure out the game in order to come out and return to their detention class.

This adventure brings the sparky fun of Kevin Hart, a well known comedian, Jack Black who is known as Kung Fu Panda, Dwayne Johnson who is the famous Rock wrestler and finally pop star singer Nick Jonas makes his Hollywood debut.

The film is full of quirky dialogues and lots of CGI moments but you are transported into a jungle and before you know it you too are dodging the rhinos and elephants. It is a fun ride for the children and adults who love playing games.

Jumanji is a must watch if you want to start your 2018 on a light note.

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