Mission: Impossible (film)

Mission: Impossible (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Logo of Marvel Comics

English: Logo of Marvel Comics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Matt Damon at the 66th Venice Interna...

English: Matt Damon at the 66th Venice International Film Festival Nederlands: Matt Damon op het 66e Venice International Film Festival Français : 66ème Festival du Cinéma de Venise (Mostra), 6ème jour (07/09/2009) Photocall avec Matt Damon et Steven Soderbergh pour le film : The Informant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Comic book heroes are just like the name suggests a “Marvel” and now Hollywood is going beyond earth. We have picked three films and three big stars to discuss about and hear from you, which one is your favorite.

We begin with the Tom Cruise in Oblivion which is another $200million grosser and his 20th film, thus some personal sentiments might be associated. 50 year old Tom looks hot in the silver suit and is daring as his Mission Impossible times saving Earth and his love interest.

Then coming up is Matt Damon in Elysium, which in Greek means the place for afterlife. In the trailer you are getting a sense of the poor vs the rich where the poor remain on Earth and the rich are in Elysium. So far this is the closest to the quest for humanity, if the Earth is dying, why not go somewhere beyond? Matt is reminding you of the confused Neo or Keanu Reeves of the Matrix, will wait and see how the film unfolds.

Father and son pair is always heart breaking and when you have Will Smith with his son Jaden working in the same film, After Earth you want to keep an extra eye. Their crash landing brings them back to Earth and now nature has evolved to a more destructive and survival one, will they make it, will they become stronger?

Who is the best space hero so far, it will be best to judge after watching all three films. However who looks the most attractive so far, please tell and share.