Logo of Pulp Fiction, a Quentin Tarantino's movie.

Logo of Pulp Fiction, a Quentin Tarantino’s movie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Actually the title should say “Gold Classic Review” because this film is by no means lesser than Gold, the shiny thing in the briefcase that moved through the scenes.


Director Quentin Tarantino is talented, has an eye for detail, makes a cameo and the list is long. He is most definitely though an actor’s director. There’s no hurry to finish a conversation, whether its Vincent and Jules talking about a foot massage or the explanation of the golden watch so articulately done by Christopher Walken. There is always enough time. Most sets were drab or loud, this the extremes he worked with, while most were indoor including the taxi scene with Butch and the Mexican lady taxi driver Esmeralda. That’s another thing, names of the character are usual, simple but somehow unique. You can make your mind which one did you like but people have been inspired to call each other some of those as buddies or even talk like that with their friends.

John Travolta oozes star power and style, Samuel L Jackon nobody can beat him when he’s making a point, Bruce Willis is the Jo/Jack/John but the silent killer has a name, and its Butch. Ving Rhames as Marsellus shot to fame, his wife Mia, Uma Thurman was the hidden treasure later taking lead in Kill Bill.

So pick your favorite scene:

1- Honey Bun at the Diner before the couple stand up and declare its a robbery?

2- Vincent and Jules have a debate about the foot massage?

3- Mia tells Vincent why the shake is a better drink?

4- Jimmie tells Vincent and Jules off for the “storage” over cups of coffee?

5- Captain Koons tells little Butch straight up about the Golden Watch?

6- Butch flares up over the Golden Watch and his Tulip is afraid?

7- Or share whichever one was yours.