Divya-Kumar-and-Gulshan-Grover-pose-at-the-launch-of-magazine-cover-held-in-Mumbai-on-December-23-2013- courtesy IndiaTimes

Divya-Kumar-and-Gulshan-Grover-pose-at-the-launch-of-magazine-cover-held-in-Mumbai-on-December-23-2013- courtesy IndiaTimes

Youth has power and promise and director Divya Khosla Kumar has delivered a great debut film in “Yaariyan”.

The Bollywood industry has few women directors and sometimes they don’t succeed and then soon fade out. Divya will be different, she is already wealthy and well settled by being married to Bhushan Kumar, who is the Chairman and Managing Director of T-Series. She however has talent and you can see that her inspiration has been drawn from recent director stars like Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra, Raju Hiranandani and Mohit Suri.

Yaariyan is a college story set in the background of snowy Sikkim and the plot is a simple challenge of brains vs brats. The hero is Lakshya and he soon lands himself in a challenge where he and his friends have to win the battle of the year to save their college from a rich Australian businessman. Through the challenge we are shown two love stories between Lakshya and Saloni and Jannet, friendship between brothers Lakshya and Debu and betrayal between Lakshya and Neil. Debu is confronted in a racial attack and loses his life eventually. In recent news, Australia has had growing cases of racial attacks on especially Indian students. Nothing wins an audience than patriotism and Divya is clever to keep the plot on the prize of putting up the Indian flag on the highest point of the college.

If Divya had released her film before Karan Johar’s Student of the Year then she would have set the trend for college competitions, but nevertheless she makes a good attempt. The film moves fast and sometimes the scene is left hanging as if there was quite a bit of editing done to fit the film in under 2hrs 30mins. The music is a winner and the “Sunny Sunny” track by Yo Yo Honey Singh! is a major blast. The romantic “Baarish” song is well shot and will be remembered as one of the most romantic songs ever. The cinematographer Sameer Arya deserves credit for interesting shots and the locations added to the final look, thus eye pleasing.

The cast was a whole bunch of newcomers. Himansh Kohli who played the role of Lakshya has arrived and his choice of films will either make or break him. Rakul Preet Singh played the lead heroine Saloni and she is pretty but doesn’t look like she will have a big Bollywood career. Jatin Suri who played Debu has the talent to go far and if he gets opportunities like Rajkummar Rao then he will have a good innings. It was a good change to see bad villain Gulshan Grover as the principal of the college and a good idea too, from the usual artistes.

Yaariyan will be remembered as a good Bollywood college film that launched the career of many and that had fantastic soundtrack.