Happy New Year Movie 2014

Happy New Year Movie 2014

After much hyped friendship wars between Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan, they finally made and released “Happy New Year”.

The film has been copied from Ocean’s Eleven, Bang Bang, Ghajini and so many others. So what is original?

Nothing really.

Abhishek Bachan- stole the show especially in his strip tease in the vault.

Boman Irani- still the best actor.

Anupam Kher- lending a helping hand to SRK.

Jackie Shroff- original and still one of Bollywood’s finest actors.

Sonu Sood- since he didn’t talk much in Singh is King, he was making up for it here. But given a better script he would have nailed it.

Vivaan Shah- not bad, he got the biggest ever screen space.

Deepika Padukone- dumb, cheap and naked, even when her character was insulted for being a woman by Shah Rukh Khan, she never stood up and in the end fell in love. (By the way in the last episode of Satyamev Jayate on Sunday 9th November she openly said she never took that Bollywood influences violence on women until she saw the mashed up clip at the show, duh?)

Shah Rukh Khan- tired, sleepy and just using his 2 minutes of stardom per scene to get away with actually working on the film.

Song, dance, lights, color, dazzle, razzle, zazzle, list goes on…

New points:

Instead of Yo Yo Honey Singh- there was Dr Zeus, Kanika Kapoor and Surj of RDB, and Nindy Kaur.

Mega Blooper:

Do they know difference between NORTH and SOUTH Korea? How can the dance team come from Kim Jong il’s country? Even Psy of Gangam Style is South Korean.