Jonathan Tropper Courtesy Amazon

Jonathan Tropper Courtesy Amazon

Loved it, many reasons for that. This is where I leave you is a classic family drama which will leave you smiling, crying, loving, hating, moved, stunned, happy and so much more.

Based on the book by Jonathan Tropper, director Shawn Levy has done a simple and beautiful job.

It is the great cast ensemble that is the best part and gives the characters their complete look and feel.

Some of TV’s favourite and popular stars come together for this Altman family funeral and the aftermath. You can’t go wrong with Tina Fey, Adam Driver, Corey Stoll, Kathryn Hahn, Abigail Spencer and Ben Schwartz. The gorgeous Jane Fonda is amazing and has a shocking twist to her character. Jason Bateman is a repetition from his recent film The Longest Week but this type of “I’ve lost all and have to start again” personality suits him.

For a minute it comes to you that this is a lighter and modern version of the drama August: Osage County. However, it remains true, lovely and interesting.

A nice way to end 2014 and these dialogues will add to them:

“Anything can happen, anything happens all the time”

“You can cry or laugh, there is no right response”