Adenike Courtesy of The King Bulletin

Adenike Courtesy of The King Bulletin


I love you,

I love you too much,

I love you even before I knew you,



I have sacrificed,

I have sinned,

I have loved,



I want you more than anything,

I think about you all the time,

I have no choice,



I want to be your wife,

I want to be the daughter in law,

I want to be the Mother of George,



Great performance by Danai Gurira who as Adenike wins your heart in her silent struggle, living in New York married to a hard working Nigerian Restaurant Owner and haunted by the ultimate acceptance, giving birth to a grandchild.

Director Andrew Dosunmu is a magician in detail. We are not bothered with the hustle, bustle, glam or even the fact that they are in New York. We are to see Adenike’s story because…