The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game is a true story about a marvelous genius, Alan Turing. He broke the German impossible code maker- The Enigma and this saved over 4 million lives in the Second World War. Director Morten Tyldum discovers the beauty in actor Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan who was also a homosexual. Benedict who has also been successful in playing Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange couldn’t have better portrayed this weird man. Benedict adds warmth, truth, and determination to a brave character who is fighting for his intelligent machine The Imitation Game to gain money, popularity and success.

While Benedict lost the Oscar to fellow British Eddie Reymane as Stephen Hawking in a Theory of Everything, he still delivers excellent cinema.

A competent cast that includes Mark Strong, Charles Dance and Keira Knightley also joins him.

Keira fits perfectly as a tomboyish girl who is smart and awkward. Mark Strong lends his heavy voice and polished command of suaveness as the MI6 Agent. Charles Dance who is popular for being a Lanister in The Game of Thrones, is a typical English soldier and delivers with finesse.

The Imitation Game captures the real life story of Alan Turing who had exceptional talent in Maths, and was introduced to crosswords, codes and puzzles by his only friend in school Christopher. Alan falls in love with him but he remains awkward to work with. He struggles with his undercover team of code breakers and it takes a special lady Joan Clarke to be the catalyst for the machine and Alan’s career. Incidentally they had to get engaged just to Joan could live respectfully away from home.

The film’s texture reminds you of The Beautiful Mind where Russell Crowe portrayed Nobel Laureate in Economics John Nash.