Jolie-Unbroken Courtesy Independent UK

Jolie-Unbroken Courtesy Independent UK


We all come into this world alone and leave alone,

But then why don’t we belong anywhere?

My Journey took me through aimless school to conquering the track.


When you grow up you need to do grown up things,

We had the war,

I joined my comrades.


The deep deep ocean,

You were not my friend,

My bigger friend saved me.


Then why did I not end my struggle?

Why did I have to meet another so inhumane?

Where was the warm sun and calm water?


You can’t break me,

You are not me,

If you can take it, you can make it.


The story of Louis Zamperini was beautifully captured by Director Angelina Jolie and full credit to Jack O’Connell for being a pure spirit in this quest for an unbroken soul.