MI 5 Courtesy of Movie 2 Free

MI 5 Courtesy of Movie 2 Free

To say that Tom Cruise has not aged a least bit, is absolutely true. His height may never increase, but his presence is still strong and you love watching Ethan Hunt back in action. Mission Impossible 5 Rogue Nation is heavily funded by China and you can see that in the Chinese Opera backdrop sequence which is opening up possibilities that this subject can get even more international without having to travel to far off places. By the way what were Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg (Benji) thinking wearing hot shot suits in hot sunny Morocco?

Such silly moments were plenty, but here’s the basic of the story. Ethan is unwanted, his IMF may close down, CIA is looking for him and London is the crux of the solution provider. Find out for yourself because otherwise it will leave you nothing to work with. The stunts are still signature “Mission Impossible” and that’s what keeps you happy if you are a major fan, especially the speed bikes and car chase (though Fast & Furious do it better).

Director Christopher McQuarrie worked with Tom earlier in Edge of Tomorrow and that had more punch. Maybe the MI franchise has more product placements so it gets fancier and not deeper into the story. Every hero film needs a villain and they chose Sean Harris to play Solomon Lake, a rogue MI6 agent. Giving him a creepy voice helped and make him menacing but there was still an evil touch missing.

Jeremy Renner as William Brandt was his usual cool self, Ving Rhames looks like he has put on a lot of weight, but it was Simon Pegg who was the second in lead. It was refreshing to see Alec Baldwin as the CIA and the curvaceous Rebecca Ferguson (who was last scene in the TV Series ‘White Queen’) knocking the hots of the assassins. Unfortunately fans no kisses, maybe Tom has converted or something. Tom Handler as the British Prime Minister was a cool small change.

MI 5 is a good watch and more to follow, they sort of ended things like SkyFall.