Aloha Emma Stone Courtesy Twitch Film

Aloha Emma Stone Courtesy Twitch Film

Men can talk, men can talk silently. This is “Aloha” the Hawaiian galaxy romance starring Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone, Alec Baldwin, Bill Murray, Danny McBride and John Krasinski. The film has been written and directed by Cameron Crowe who struck big with his Jerry Maguire.

The story is a coming home message in the complex love triangle between Brian (Bradley), Tracy (Rachel) and Captain Alison (Emma). Brian is dealing with PTSD from an incident during his Afghanistan tour and now doing private work for the “don” Carson Welch (Bill Murray). While it may be a plot to save the world and there is a moment “America saves the World”, you have to appreciate the good looks and the restrained Bradley and Emma’s beautiful weird romance. They are who they are and that’s it.

Bill Murray is great at being a sleazy don and has some big lines. Alec Baldwin reminds you of Pearl Harbour and John Krasinski was looking all toned out and his sad, silent dad version was convincing. After seeing the chemistry of Jennifer Lawrence with Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook and Serena, Emma is the only one who could beat it.

Aloha is a cool, romantic, sit down film, don’t miss it. Sometimes you just need that sprinkle of good to touch you and inspire you.