Prabhudeva and Akshay Kumar

Prabhudeva and Akshay Kumar

When it was announced there will be a Singh is King 2, there was much speculation because most of the Singhs were already thoroughly offended by the depiction of their non-Sikhs and wannabes in the first part. Thus, it took time and a whole new look to satisfy them. New director, new look, new story and new heroine.

Singh is Bliing is the story of Raftaar Singh who is good at partying but lacking in responsibility and has yet to find himself in the real world. He is thrown out of his house to have that one chance to prove himself otherwise and return victorious. What happens next is a series of adventures which take him to Goa, Romania and bring him back to Punjab with a bride.

Director Prabhudeva has given Singh is Bliing his own “tapori” style and it has worked, Akshay Kumar who is Raftaar looks cool and funny. Two things are becoming clear in the style of filmmaking by Prabhudeva and no its not the songs or humor, but deeper stuff. First his hero never wants to fight and tries to negotiate and find other ways to deal with a situation and the second, the protagonist is the heroine and he shows she has the power and can slap, punch or kick if she has to save the day.

He chose well with Amy Jackson and kept her mixed culture intact in her character of Sara Rana. Sara is a rich girl from Romania in trouble from a greedy villain Mark (Kay Kay Menon) and heads to Goa for a short stay where she meets Raftaar who has been given the responsibility to look after her. Since he can’t speak English he hires a translator Emily, who he calls Imli and is played by Lara Dutta. Here’s where the genius of dialogues comes into play, and he could have put in more punches, like Singh is King, but still not a bad job done. Lara does a decent job and her character will remain memorable, only they forgot to finish her sub-plot, you’ll have to watch to find out what she was up to.

Amy Jackson kicks ass and she looks good, she has been shown to stand up for herself and the scene where Akshay teaches girls to use their hands to protect themselves should be applauded. Finally Bollywood is standing up to women’s rights.

Akshay Kumar is brilliant, good looking and this is his comfort area, he shouldn’t stop making such films. His father is played by Yograj Singh who was seen as Milkha Singh’s coach in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and in Singh is Bliing he was cool. Rati Agnihotri is Raftaar’s mum and she was cool too. Luckily Kay Kay Menon as the villain had original hair and not some hideous wig. Due credit should be given to Pradeep Rawat who plays Raftaar’s boss.

But a film like this needs good music and choreography and it certainly delivers. The choreography of Singh Kaur is done by Rekha and Chinni Prakash and they have used very traditional steps, which is refreshing to see. From Manj Musik, Nindy Kaur and Sajid-Wajid all songs are perfect for the film. The two big hits which will be remembered are Tung Tung and Singh Kaur (where Prabhudeva makes an appearance).

Watch this funny bone.