Spectre Courtesy Game Zone

Spectre Courtesy Game Zone

Daniel Craig may continue to revel in rumours that this is his last Bond film, but it looks like he is planning on a trilogy with Director Sam Mendes. They made Skyfall, Spectre and possibly the next “S”.

The film Spectre opens to the Mexican Dead Day Festival and a very interesting action sequence with a helicopter, by the way Bond does a lot of flying in this film. Soon comes the villain’s widow and Bond’s first seductress or this time it was the other way around and Monica Belluci may be old but their intimate scene is exquisitely and maturely handled.

Ralph Fiennes as M is showing age and Spectre is about “an international organization” that will manage the world’s security bodies, M has no place in this team. But Q and MoneyPenny are quick to rescue the situation and assist Bond as he goes Rogue and meets his love interest Dr Madeline Swan (Lea Seydoux). They then both set off to meet the villain, Ernst Stravo Blofeld (Christoph Waltz), while the action sequences and fashion sense exude Bondness, Christoph is underused and doesn’t scar till the end.

Bond lovers don’t miss it, Daniel Craig fans you won’t be disappointed because he really looks like he’s having fun and looking damn good. The villain is underused and looking forward to the next one.

London doesn’t disappoint, Music Director Thomas Newman keeps you on the edge and Sam Mendes rocks.