Amy Winehouse Courtesy Business Insider

Amy Winehouse Courtesy Business Insider

AMY, the documentary has been made by one of my favourite documentarians Asif Kapadia. When I had seen his work in Senna and was waiting for his next work, lo behold UK’s most talented artists ever- Amy Winehouse.

His style seems to be to use a lot of existing footage such as recorded interviews and photographs. Luckily Amy’s ex-manager Nick Shymanksy had recorded a lot of video. When you are watching you almost forget she is so young and her career was happening in the 2000’s when so much more new technology was around us.

AMY is a good piece of work and her fans will get a real insight of how did she get started, who was she and how it ended? Whenever Asif shows her singing everything else stops and its clever to have the lyrics in writing on the screen, you see that they all came from her experiences.

A broken girl, an ambitious spirit, love killed her. Unfortunately it was like what Tony Bennett in the documentary says, if Amy had the chance to learn to live her life, she would have lived a very long time and given so much more to the music scene.

If anybody is stuck in an illusion of drugs, alcohol giving them happiness, they really need to see this story because you get a first hand of how destructive this can be. Don’t waste your life away for the sake of another’s disregard.