Cristiano Ronald by Latin Times

Cristiano Ronald by Latin Times

“Nothing is Impossible”, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manager Jorge Mendes repeats over a dinner celebration in the film- Ronaldo. The world’s favorite and most famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo opens up his impossible world through the self-titled documentary. Directed by Anthony Wonke who is well known for his work in “Children on the Frontline-Syria” and more, Ronaldo is simple and very personal. With Executive Producer Asif Kapadia of the Senna and Amy success, Ronaldo doesn’t fail to communicate the determination, passion and perfection with which this footballer lives every moment- “the present”.

Cristiano’s journey starts young and after joining Manchester United under the guidance of Sir Alex Ferguson there is no looking back. The only thing he must complete if his age allows is to win a World Cup for his country, Portugal. Otherwise Ronaldo has achieved many dreams including playing for Real Madrid.

The friendly rivalry the documentary shows between him and Lionel Messi is actually a clever thing because usually media and enemies create unnecessary rumors and misunderstandings. Mostly, it is one professional to another and any rising star or ambitious kid who wants to play football like this must watch and see that in fame comes sacrifice. There is no doubt that Ronaldo’s family keeps him together and he can do anything for them. It was interesting to see him talking about the birth mother of his son, still no revelations of who she is but he is emotional and wants to give his son the best chance in the world of being the best possible father to him.

Many may say he is arrogant and money makes him go round, but then again if you have all of that money around you and you are taking care of yourself, your family and friends, what is wrong with that. His top priority remains winning and if he sets a record of having the most ballon d’ors then he will have left his mark in the game of football.