Fitoor Poster Courtesy The Reporter Times

Fitoor Poster Courtesy The Reporter Times

Director Abhishek Kapoor showed us with his film “Kai Po Che” that he can handle adaptations quite well, so when he took up Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, yes Expectations were high.

The smart move he made, was use a new couple of Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapur as Miss Havisham and Pip or here as Firdaus and Noor. Tabu is Estella and known as Hazrat Begum. The film is slow-paced and from time to time gives you jolts of intensity, Abhishek uses cinematography, set designs, costumes designs and of course the Art created by the character of Noor to keep the screen colourful and interesting.

There are excellent performances as expected from Tabu, Ajay Devgn (Mirza Baig) and especially younger Aditya Roy Kapur by actor Mohamed Abrar. There is however inconsistency in the look of the character, how can a fair almost green-eyed boy Mohamed Abrar turn into a duskier, curly-haired Aditya Roy Kapur? Or a fair, green-eyed young Aditya Rao Hydari become black-eyed, darker and rougher Tabu? It is refreshing to see that the Bollywood actors are settling down to take up roles because they are interesting characters and not screen hoggers, for example Lara Dutta as the gallery curator Leena Becker is superb. I wish they had used Fawad Khan as Firdaus’s fiance, that would have definitely added spice to the plot.

In the end, this film is beautiful and a cold-blooded love story that took place between Hazrat and her absconded man Mufti, and now is dancing between Firdaus and Noor. Aditya Roy Kapur can go a really long way if he is given tougher roles, but Katrina is soon to fizzle out if she doesn’t get more meaningful roles, it will be difficult for her to do an innings such as Tabu’s.