Batman vs Superman Courtesy Movie Web

Batman vs Superman Courtesy Movie Web

Director Zack Synder captured worldwide mega fame with his film “300” in 2007. It was never before seen slow motion action and bloody spills in a battlefield story. He had made his mark and with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice he has taken these Marvel Super heroes to another level.

With the blessing of film maker Christopher Nolan who made the Dark Knight Rises, Zack has enough power to punch a hit out of this possibly first film in a line of sequels to follow, for example Batman v Ironman and so on.

The story is a misunderstanding created by the mastermind villain Lex Luthor, played by Jessie Eisenberg, where he plays the two super heroes against each other by saying that Superman is a “God” and Batman can become the evil super human. The famous Lois Lane, played by Amy Adams is caught in this quest for “saving the world and remaining kind” by Superman.

The two super heroes are excellent, while Ben Affleck dons the role of Batman for the first time, his square jaw, slow dialogue delivery and white strands in his hair, will make him a more delectable Batman as the sequels proceed.

Henry Cavill as Superman had already won millions of hearts when he was launched in “Man of Steel” and with this film, he is going to become a bigger favorite and ladies man. He really is the Superman in love, in angst, in power. Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth, Batman’s butlet and super technician is suave, his voice, sense of humor and very British behavior is a beautiful balancing act. Jessie is slimy and you can’t help but think his character could have been inspired by a mean version of Mark Zuckerburg.

Amy Adams is her usual curious perky self, but it is Gia Gadot who has the biggest surprise for the audience. Yes, she is Wonder Woman and boy does she know how to pick a fight.

This film is huge and will win box office earnings and a cult fan following for more contests between the super heroes. Zack Synder has delivered a power packed film.