Julie & Julia Poster

Julie & Julia has one of the best combination of female leads, that of Amy Adams as New Yorker blogger Julie Powell and legendary French cook Julia Child played by Meryl Streep.

The story is about a challenge that Julie takes up to get her self esteem and life back together by cooking over 500 recipes of Julia Child in just 365 days. Director Nora Ephron treats us to great visuals and plots between Julia Child’s experience in Paris and Julie Powell’s in New York.

Julia Child is the wife of Diplomat Paul Child played by Stanley Tucci, who is splendid as a short and wonderful husband. They have recently moved into Paris and she needs to find some work to do in the 1950s. She discovers that cooking is where she will conquer the world and teach American women how to cook French food. Soon the idea falls into a book idea and thus begins the journey of her work into 8 years of master cooking, life lessons and marriage changes.

Julie Powell on the other hand is stuck in a Government job too but is handling the crisis after September 9/11 attacks and she feels her friends have left her behind and it is time to do something useful. She sets off to this challenge and is helped by her husband Eric Powell played by Chris Messina.

This lovely film is a must watch for Meryl Streep fans and by the way Amy Adams is also not far behind. She brings much honesty and determination to her character Julie. For the ladies who want something new in their life, remember it can be possible, if Julia can do it, Julie did it then so can you.

Julie & Julia is an easy watch and great for foodies too.