Kapoor & Sons Courtesy IBTimes

Kapoor & Sons Courtesy IBTimes

Which family doesn’t have differences, challenges and weird stuff? Almost any from a 3 persons to an extended one, and especially in today’s dynamic times where money, status and identity take precedent over the truth.

Director Shakun Batra flopped with his directorial debut Ek Main Aur Ek Tu, but with Kapoor & Sons, he has delivered excellence. The story is about a grand father who wants that one full family photo. But getting all the members together and accepting their circumstances, realities, grudges become their biggest obstacle. Until? You need to watch this amazing family drama that leaves you with surprises. Favourite scene is the weed sessions with grandfather and his grandsons.

Extremely commendable performances by the entire star cast, from Rishi Kapoor- will be listed as one of his best ever; Ratna Pathak- is really herself; Rajat Kapoor- very talented actor; Siddarth Malhotra- has a lot of potential and long last career; Alia Bhatt- she is smart; Fawad Khan- no wonder he is such a superstar in Pakistan, he rocks.

There is no time wasting in weddings or funerals, this is real life and a film not to be missed at any cost.