Where to Invade Next

The timing of this documentary film couldn’t have been better. We know Michael Moore when he made the controversial Fahrenheit 9/11 in 2004 for which he received the Palme d’Or in the Cannes Film Festival.

Where to Invade Next takes Michael around the world especially in Europe where he is seeking the answers for the “greatness” that America has lost over the past decades. This is an excellent technique of showing the subject which is “America” not from America but in other countries. He goes to Italy where he discovers more about the labour rights and paid leave and maternity rights. He goes to Finland and sees first hand the education success, Norway where he meets murderers living in houses with their own lock and key, compared to the injustice and violence that his fellow Americans especially the Blacks were enduring in their prisons at the hands of white tyrant cops and systems. He goes to Iceland where the success of women proves to him, that now more than ever, America needs to be less powerful and more equal.

This documentary film is an eye opener for both Americans and anyone who has been dying to go an live the “American Dream”. Wake up and see the facts and compare before you make that step. You will realize there are actually many more advantages that you have right at home before you cross the seven seas to a land of immigrants who are still struggling in many critical areas than you might have been aware of.

Michael Moore has given a great subject which will be tested after the current General Election and the term of the next President whoever it may be.