Creed Film

It took me some time to get round to watching “Creed” but now I get why it missed the Oscars race especially for newcomer Michael B Jordan.

Creed is the story about the famous Apollo Creed’s son out of infidelity Donnie, who retraces his father’s legacy by going to Rocky Balboa. He convinces Rocky to train him and finally make his breakthrough as a boxer and begin his own career. He succeeds but the test is whether Donnie Creed can live up to the name and success of his father’s and win the heavyweight fight against Ricky Conlan. Both fighters need the win, but the one who needs the biggest win is Rocky Balboa who has been diagnosed with cancer and gives up on treatment because he’s ready to go. Donnie tells him and shows him there is still more to do.

The fight begins.

Creed has been directed by Ryan Coogler and he has co-written the script with Aaron Covington. Ryan has made a decent impact with this film and possibly in the sequels that may follow he can learn and shiner brighter. He tried to make a simple story and he succeeded but he failed in showing it. Rocky classics were simple and never stood still, they kept you moving, wanting more and that fight. Sylvester Stallone is his usual Rocky self and giving his character cancer, was too easy, a disability would have been more interesting. Michael B Jordan will take time to blossom and fit into other character roles. Tessa Thompson who plays his love interest is bland. Music by Ludwig Goransson adds a modern hip hop touch.

Creed fails in making the plot thicker, faster, tighter and dramatic. What saves it, is the Rocky legacy, final fight and Stallone dialogues.