In this growing period of women empowerment, girl child education and women’s rights, comes the film “Joy”. It has been based on the “Miracle Mop” inventor Joy Mangano. To fit her genius shoes, director David O Russell worked with Jennifer Lawrence, both of whom had seen success in their collaboration in the film “Silver Linings Playbook.”

He adds to the cast Robert De Niro as Joy’s father, Edgar Ramirez as her divorced husband and Bradley Cooper as Neil Walker, the man who gives her that one moment to fame. Joy is dealing with a deranged family and in the 90s she is facing her fair share of disasters, marriage, sick mother and raising children. Things take a turn when her father meets a new girlfriend and Joy is faced with an opportunity to become a businesswoman because of her invention, “Miracle Mop”. This housewife, 8 to 5 working mom is about to change her and her family’s fortune but not before many big hurdles. The favourite and life changing moments are with her grandmother and her daughter.

Joy is an inspirational film for any woman who is at the end of her wits on what to do in her life, marriage or family. You can raise yourself and be something if you paid attention, stayed stubborn and believed in yourself, that is who and what Joy is. Director David O Russell is excellent and so are Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper. One of the favourite scenes is when she is making a deal over the copyright of her product with the mr-know-it-all-businessman and the second is when she is on live television for the first time on the shopping channel and she refuses to wear the conventional businesswoman suit.

Joy is hard to watch but worth a lesson.