Shah Film

Based on a True Story, SHAH is a very inspiring biopic of famous Pakistani boxer Syed Hussain Shah and it has been written, directed by Adnan Sarwar. Made on a low budget, this film makes big strides, if you want to face reality. A champion almost has no respect unless he is a cricketer. This might be true for many countries, where only the sport that gives them the maximum publicity and income gets and gives their players royal treatment. Next time you see athletes walking into an Olympic Stadium be careful, a large percentage may not get their due.

Adnan Sarwar is a musician and with this debut film, he has taken on many roles- actor, writer, director and composer. He has delivered in excellence.

The story is about a homeless boy Syed Hussain Shah, who goes on to win many South Asian Games and the only individual Olympic Gold Medal for Pakistan since last 50 years. Yet he continues to scrap for money and land. Cheating, stealing, corruption don’t leave this Lyari boy. His innocence is broken in pieces and while you enjoy his triumph you can’t help but see the bigger picture, he is being treated like a street rat when he should not.

Adnan keeps his focus on his character and the music has been very inspired from Rocky theme, but it works. So many favourite parts from his childhood boxing lessons, getting the boxing shoes, lessons from his Uncle Kareem and at the burial site when he leaves his medals.

A must watch for anybody who is in charge of a Sports Federation in the world, see what your position can or can’t do, don’t let there be another defeated with life SHAH. Respect your sportsmen and women.