Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Tina Fey delighted us in 30 Rock and her comedy timing is really good. She is cooler in the film Whiskey Tango Foxtrot which is based on the real life experiences of journalist Kim Baker.

Tina as Kim is the perfect choice and the story about a 40-year-old journalist struggling with a boring job and relationship is suddenly thrown in the action of Afghanistan and meets new experiences. Directed by Glen Ficarra and John Requa, this film proves to be a fun ride on the take of the harsh reality of Marines, Troops, the War and Reporting in Afghanistan. We see the character of Kim grow into a whole new person by the time she rescues her Scottish boyfriend from a kidnapping and he doesn’t get on board the flight back home to US.

The supporting cast of Margot Robbie as the younger, hotter and clever reporter Tanya is cool. Then the bodyguard Nic played by Steve Peacocke, he’s hot. Most interesting are also the Scottish boyfriend Ian MacKelpie played by Martin Freeman, Brigadier General Hollanek by Billy Bob Thornton, Fahim the interpreter by Christopher Abbott and especially Ali Massoud Sadiq by Alfred Molina.

Great watch and in case you are wondering why those who have experienced such a life though being lawyers, interpreters, serve for their country or even provide logistics and why they are different, this film will offer you a good insight.