The Boss Courtesy of True BroRomance Film

The Boss Courtesy of True BroRomance Film

When actress Melissa McCarthy is getting dolled up and looking like a millionaire for a role, you have to stand up and notice. She is usually the lady in rage or killing ghosts, but in “The Boss” she is “The Boss”.

The film is about an orphan Michelle Darnell who has been rejected by several families and finally she makes her own empire through the financial markets and now is the Queen of making money. She has only one enemy now and that too in the form of a dwarf and her former lover Renault.

Michelle is left bankrupt and has to fall at the mercy of her PA whom she has always treated poorly, Claire. Now it is up to Michelle, Claire and her daughter’s muffin revolution to save the day for this once very rich lady.

We see Michelle as an ego maniac, who knows who to be the best sales person, quadruple millions but is zero when it comes to family and relationships because of her dejected childhood.

Melissa McCarthy is super loud and annoying at times, but paints a convincing picture of a dejected woman who falls and is rising back to success. Peter Dinklage is Renault, and this Game of Thrones actor is an completely new avatar- suave and stylish. He has a clever PA, who is one of the current tallest Hollywood actor’s Timothy Simons, who is known for his role as Jonah in the TV Series VEEP. This interesting height difference is notable and credit goes to Director Ben Falcone who has done other McCarthy films such as Bridesmaids and Spy.

Kirsten Bell who is Claire plays a single mother and dress down lady unlike her powerful sassy character Jeannie in TV Series House of Lies.

The casting is clever, plot is cool but pace stagnates and too much explicit language so if you wanted a younger generation to learn a few good lessons, it will be hard for you to watch with them.