Pele Courtesy of Trailers

Pele Courtesy of Trailers

Have you ever met a legend? “

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do,” Pele.

He is the world’s greatest player that is living and still spreading the love of football. Meet Pele from Brazil who almost never got his big break. The film, Pele: Birth of a Legend has been directed by duo Jeff & Michael Zimbalist.

The film kicks off in true football style with “Dico” playing football with his friends in the streets of their village in Minas Gerais Brazil around the 1950s. Pele was the son of Fluminense footballer Dondinho (born João Ramos do Nascimento) and Celeste Arantes. His father missed his golden chance because when the time came to step up, he lost confidence and ended up with a lifetime knee injury and was now cleaning the hospital toilets.

We are mesmerized with the uninhibited style of playing football, which is known as “ginga”. According to the scout who discovers Pele, he tells him it came from the slaves of Africa and this was our magic and that it was thought of the reason/curse for Brazil’s loss in the World Cup Football in 1950. Young Dico showed off his signature style almost flying up and back kicking the football. It was here he was nicknamed Pele and his father tells him, this is your gift you must show the world what you are made off.

The film swims beautifully through this young man’s challenges and injuries as he rises up to win the cup for his football team and gets the biggest break of his career. There are many special moments of chat between father and son and these are important for any rising star.

The other star of the film is the Music Director- A. R. Rahman. He gives this Brazilian soundtrack much authenticity and vivaciousness that they possess that you are dancing to the beat of the football and kept inspired.

Pele: Birth of a Legend is a must watch for young footballers and any other sports person.