Befikre Courtesy Lyrics Sted

When Aditya Chopra announced his next directorial venture and with Ranveer Singh, media went crazy. Hats off to the Yash Raj Films team for keeping the flame of curiosity alive till the film’s release.

“Befikre” means be free, don’t worry about how you love and who you love, just love!

The film is about Shyra who is born to Indian parents who have settled in Paris as restaurant entrepreneurs and yes, Shyra is as European as possible, ironically a tour guide to Indian tourists.

In comes Dharam who wants to use Paris as his breakthrough platform for his comic standing talent. He goes out to explore Paris, walks into a day roadside party and means Shyra and the rest is “Befikre”.

The couple fall in love, move in together and fall out of love and move into other lives. But is that really what happens? Befikre challenges the Desi vs Western values in the youth and their version of this new carefree love which is misconstrued as sex or they have to apologize for really being who they are. Even a Desi can be classy in love!

Best scene ever is when Shyra realizes how European she is and that it is the very thing coming in the way of her being and in love with Dharam.

Vaani Kapoor as Shyra is pretty but there is still something missing about her. It is like she is trying too hard.

Ranveer Singh as Dharam is mind-blowing and delivers.

The surprise is Armaan Ralhan, “Mr Investment Banker”, why Shyra rejects him you have to find out.

Aditya Chopra has made a very modern version of DDLJ (which still can’t be compared) but since the similar thing is he has made both films, then it is a fair comparison.

He found his modern Raj and Simran or their children!

The music of the film is excellent and Arijit’s Nashe Si will remain a hit party song for a long time and the choreography by Vaibhavi Merchant reminds you of Jab Tak Hai Jaan’s Ishq Shava.

Great time pass film, watch without Indian parents though!