As the world says good-bye to President Barrack Obama, we get a glimpse at his life before public life through the films Barry and Southside With You.

Barry is director Vikram Gandhi’s big venture and he is his natural Vice self, except there is a little entertainment. Barry is set in 1981 when Barrack arrives in New York and this is the start of his journey for his big public life. We see his University life, girlfriend, conflict with his father and a lot of conversations with his mother.

Southside With You is director Richard Tanne’s directorial debut and he is able to hold your attention over the 72 hours of the meeting between Barrack and Michelle. Here we see how Barrack works at the Chicago Law firm and how his relationship starts with his future First Lady Michelle.

Barry is played by Devon Terrell and while the similarity in looks is more than Parker Sawyers of Southside with You, each perform their best.

Michelle is played by Tika Sumpter and if she continues to choose interesting work, she is the next Viola Davis.

While Barry belongs to Barrack, Southside With You belongs to Michelle.

Favorite scene in Barry was wedding scene and in Southside With You was when Barrack buys Michelle ice cream.