Upon the release of Rock On 2, demonitization hit the Indian economy and it did completely demotivate the film.

Rock On 2, a sequel following the success of the band Magik kicks off with a catch up of the current situation each band member is in. Joe is rich, Aditya is depressed and Kedar is bored, so what brings them back?

A demotivated son Rahul who is desperately trying to convince his dad Pandit Vibhuti Sharma that rock sounds in classical music are the new sound of harmony. Rahul fails to catch Magik producer Aditya’s attention and it is too late. Fate brings Aditya and Jiah (Rahul’s sister) and the two team up to do something to save the people of Shilong. They need Magik and Magik needs Jiah’s voice. Rahul gave up and Aditya had to give up the one thing that brought him his “magik”.

Arjun Rampal looks dashing, Farhan Akthar is excellent in conflict, Shraddha Kapoor is getting better with every film, if it was not for the rumoured love affair between the two, you could actually appreciate their chemistry.

What failed this film apart from the economic crisis was the lack of that “Rock On” type of music, only Jaago raised some hope, rest flowed down the Shilong hills.