When you put Jonah Hill and Miles Teller together what do you get? Welcome to “War Dogs” a film based on the true story of arms dealers, young business partners Efraim Diveroli and David Packouz who made millions of Dollars during the Iraq war until they get caught.

David meets Efraim at his lowest and poorest phase of life at a funeral and soon they become business partners talking to American Army personnel for arms sales. They start to make good money until when they have the chance of a lifetime to make the biggest amount ever over $100 million, things fall apart.

Todd Phillips who is well-known for “The Hangover” trilogy has directed the film and Bradley Cooper also makes a very special appearance as Henry Girard. War Dogs has all the Hollywood Militainment drama of guns, drugs, deals and destruction. Jonah Hill has lost considerable weight but this “Donnie Azoff” (his character on Wolf of Wall Street) has not lost any charm in being an excellent actor. Miles Teller still remembered for his recent “Whiplash” performance and nominee of BAFTA Rising Star 2014 has just got his career started.

War Dogs is a must for action fans.