This town is beautiful, this town is stunning, this town is happy, until…

Manchester By The Sea is an emotional turmoil between brothers and a son. This family drama has been written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan.

With a big star cast including Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams and Kyle Chandler the expectations were high and fortunately have been fulfilled.

Lee (Casey Affleck) is caught off guard when one night his house goes up in flames and his children die, and his wife Randi (Michelle Williams) walks out on him. Lee’s brother Joseph (Kyle Chandler) has been diagnosed with a coronary disease and remains his only support. Things change when he suddenly passes away and makes Lee the guardian to his son Patrick (Lucas Hedges). Lee has to decide what to do and how to cope by coming back to the same town that took his life away almost literally.

The Oscar Nominations include: Best Direction, Writing (Screenplay), Actor in Leading Role (Casey Affleck), Supporting Role both Lucas and Michelle.

All the above are fine, but really do not see the point of nominating Michelle. Does a woman have to always go through tragedy to be nominated?

Manchester By The Sea belongs to Casey Affleck, his best scene was when he is sorting out the plumbing issue and there is a confused and angry housewife arguing with him.