Passengers Courtesy Collider

Passengers Courtesy Collider

Jennifer Lawrence has the beauty but so does Chris Pratt. These two “Passengers” are the only ones awake in the starship Avalon. Engineer Jim Preston takes a very long time before deciding to wake up Aurora Lane and making her think it was by mistake, but he was just lonely.

Passengers has been written by Jon Spaihts who has also co-written Prometheus and his wave of mysterious story unfolds over a bar table. Director Morten Tyldum who last did The Imitation Game is in excellent form with Passengers, but more credit should go to the Production Design team of Guy Hendrix. He brought life into this space adventure and while he may have lost out on the Oscar, he made up with the Art Directors Guild Awards.

Passengers is an interesting modern dilemma, where if we were to actually accomplish and set forth on a journey to a new planet, what can happen? When all else fails, what counts most? In this situation Jim longs for human contact and Aurora is furious when she finds out the truth, naturally because they both have to face the fact that they will die. Their only Agony Aunt is the android bar tender Arthur played by Michael Sheen.

If you want a love story with a scientific twist, then go for this film. There is a likely sequel, especially with the ending being open-ended.