A Quiet Passion Courtesy Fandango

A Quiet Passion Courtesy Fandango

“I cannot live with You –

It would be Life –

And Life is over there –

Behind the Shelf”

Emily Dickinson is a famous American poet, who received much fame after her passing away in 1886. She had a sister and a brother and her father was a lawyer. Emily succumbed to death at the age of 55 after being diagnosed with Bright’s disease, which attacks the kidneys.

A Quiet Passion is going to be a sure Academy Award contender for best Actress Cynthia Nixon who plays Emily. The film captures the young Emily till her death, her journey as a poet and her struggles in standing firm with her opinions.

In the 1850s women in America still had traditional roles and Christianity still remained their rock stone for culture. So anybody who questioned either was misunderstood. Emily has had her own thoughts about men and marriage.

Cynthia Nixon is famous for her role as the lawyer named Miranda in the blockbuster series Sex and The City, has done an exceptional performance as Emily. Jennifer Ehle supports Cynthia in the role of Emily’s sister Lavinia and Duncan Duff is Emily’s brother Austin. Keith Carradine who is known for acting as the President in the US Series Madam Secretary plays the role of Emily’s father, Edward.

The pace of the film is slow and steady and confined to the house of the Dickinsons but director Terence Davies does not fail to deliver a sweet heartbreaking story.

A Quiet Passion is for the literary fans and those who support female writers. It is a sweet execution of a story of a passionate and earnest writer.