First They Killed My Father Courtesy of Wikipedia

First They Killed My Father Courtesy of Wikipedia



Angelina Jolie is famous for her adopted children and ex-husband Brad Pitt but she is gaining praise and fame for her work as a director. From the first directorial film In The Land of Blood and Honey, she made it clear that her subjects will be those that changed the world or people. After making Unbroken, By The Sea, she has made First They Killed My Father. This film has been based on the same name book written by Loung Ung who has co-written the script with Jolie.





This is the powerful story of how the Khmer Rouge regime recruited child soldiers in Cambodia. We follow 5-year-old Loung’s journey through this terrible ordeal where their simple life is uprooted. Angelina shows the dark reality that starts to unfold as the Americans leave Vietnam in 1975 and the Khmer Rouge ride into Cambodia to take over the nation.

You need a brave heart to watch the atrocities the poor children go through and how they are losing their family. Getting into Loung’s shoes is tough but it happened and director Angelina is honest in her approach. She never forgets to show us the situation from Loung’s eyes and you have to appreciate this heartfelt story of loss and transformation in the end.

Angelina is establishing herself as credible director and this career will surely last long. This was the first film she included her son Max as an Executive Producer, thus a new family legacy is starting.