The Mountain Between Us Courtesy PopSugar

The Mountain Between Us Courtesy PopSugar

Idris Elba oozes sex appeal, but this time he showers romance to Kate Winslet in the film The Mountain Between Us.

Dr Ben Bass and journalist Alex Martin end up on a charter plan, when the pilot has a fit and dies, leaving the plane to crash in the mountain.

When he wakes up, he notices that Alex has severe leg injuries and has not gained consciousness. He gets to work, collecting all supplies possible and keeping her well. When she wakes up she is naturally disoriented that she has missed her wedding day.

Soon it becomes survival for the fittest and Alex insists they must walk down the cliff otherwise they will die up there. Ben is dealing with personal issues and he takes long to make up his mind, Alex takes a walk. Ben goes after her and now each other becomes the physical and mental support as they discover their true identities and the crisis they have faced in their respective lives and career.

This love story is unusual and when they meet in New York, anybody who loves New York will realize that it is a city of love.

The film is based on the same book written by Charles Martin and has been directed by Hany Abu-Assad.

This is Hany’s big Hollywood entry.

Idris is beautiful, vulnerable and strong at the same time. Kate is gorgeous, strong and stubborn. It is superb cool love story.