Bright Courtesy of VOX

Bright Courtesy of VOX

Will Smith is Hollywood’s biggest actors and star. When he does a Netflix film, you have to take notice.

Bright is a fiction-based film set in Los Angeles where the Los Angeles Police Department is protecting the Magic Wand. Yes, this crazy idea is a treat to watch. There are Elves who are the classy and rich, then the orcs are the enemies of state and dwarves are the workers and finally humans are one step below the elves, fighting out their survival.

Will Smith plays the role of the LAPD Cop, Daryl Ward who returns to duty after being shot by an orc while buying a hot dog on the street. Unfortunately he also has an orc as his partner, and he was unable to catch the shooter. Joel Edgerton plays the role of his partner and is an orc.

The two end up in interesting situations and finally it is up to them to protect the magic wand, which can wipe out the entire planet. This action packed film has been well captured by cinematographer Roman Vasyanov who has also worked on Fury (Mad Max) and Suicide Squad. These two films are also common between Roman and the director David Ayer. This team has given BRIGHT a new version of fiction crime films.

Max Landis who has written the film is definitely making a big break in his career with this unusual story.

Bright is a good watch for action and Will Smith fans. Joel Edgerton who was last seen in the serious role of Richard Loving in the racial romantic tragic film Loving impresses you with his performance as the orc Jakoby.