A perfect dress is every lady’s desire. Reynolds Woodcock was the ideal dressmaker and when he met his muse Alma, who knew there will be that much change in his house and life.

Director Paul Thomas Anderson who directed There Will Be Blood starring Daniel Day Lewis, repeats the partnership in Phantom Thread. This interesting weave of a couture London dressmaker in the 1950s is cooly handled by Daniel. You can see his has done his character homework of all the mannerisms of a dressmaker, being slim, attention to detail, the spectacles, walking and soft voice.

The entire film revolves around the three, Daniel as Reynolds Woodcock, Lesley Manville as his sister Cyril Woodcock and Vicky Krieps as the muse Alma. Daniel is one of the finest actors in Hollywood and Vicky has done her utmost in responding to his excellence.

For the sake of art, it is a must watch.