All About Nina Courtesy Wikipedia

The combination of a horror actress and a rap star is very unusual. Mary Elizabeth Winstead known for her role in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and now recently in Gemini Man, is shown as a vulnerable but resilient stand up comedian in All About Nina. Starring opposite her is the American rap start Common. He is spectacular and the show stopper in this raw and honest film about a struggling stand up comedian facing her childhood trauma on stage.

The film has been directed by debutante Eva Vives and she has made a good impression. Eva is clever in the scene where Nina is topless and rehearsing her lines. She also does not divert from her protagonist by making us fall more in love with Common yet she does not let us dwell in Nina’s self pity.

Brace yourself for about 90 minutes of uncomfortable but very real emotions from the eyes, oops mouth of Nina.