Brian Ogola as Lusala (Photo Courtesy Facebook

What does rain and childhood have in common?

Lots of memories like playing with the mud or maybe coming home from school with a bag full of wet books.

Come into the world of Lusala and well, things will certainly look different.

This directorial debut by Mugambi Nthiga is a well thought and executed story of Lusala, a young boy who had a troubled childhood and is still struggling with his ghosts.

There is a wonderful performance by the ensemble that includes lead actor Brian Ogola as Lusala. His breakthrough scene I would put at the one where he was burning the clothes, only if the Director showed us the same scene or a slight part of it with the ghost.

Otherwise it is a brilliant story about mental wellbeing and childhood trauma.

When Lusala is walking to work at the garage and the bystanders are staring it reminds me of the Bollywood films of the 90s when the crowds gathered to look at the stars. It takes a while for them to become casual and let the scene look even more real.

The brother and sister relationship was just so beautiful, worth the watch and discover yourself. The film is technically sound and the soundtrack added a nice Kenyan pop feel too.

Looking forward to the next project by Mugambi.