Magical & Magnificent, Film Review Beauty & The Beast

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Beauty And The Beast

The magical tale of Beauty & The Beast has lived on till now and will continue to conquer millions of hearts too in the future.

Disney presented the story in a new avatar, with the lovely Emma Watson as Belle and Downtown Abbey’s Matthew, Dan Stevens as Beast.

Supporting this Beauty & The Beast were Luke Evans as Gaston, Kevin Kline as Maurice (Belle’s father), Josh Gad as LeFou, Ewan McGregor as Lumiere, Stanley Tucci as Maestro Cadenza, Ian McKellen as Cogsworth and Emma Thompson as Mrs Potts.

Director Bill Condon was the man behind the Twilight Series: Breaking of Dawn Part 1 & 2 and you can see how he brought that fantasy feel into this Beauty & The Beast. There are great conversations in still moments, for example when Mrs Potts is talking to Belle in her new room in the castle and the best is the snow scene in the courtyard when the Beast and her are talking about books.

Composer Alan Menken who worked on the 1991 Walt Disney edition of Beauty & The Beast also worked on this new version and the music indeed remained breathless. The new version of the title track by Ariana Grande and John Legend was in tune with today’s sounds, but the evergreen one with Emma Thompson still remained and it was an awww moment.

The dinner song “Be Our Guest” by Ewan McGregor, Emma Thompson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Ian McKellen was more fun visually due to the advanced technology now available especially since this film was in a 3D version.

Miss Watson is superb as Belle and Dan Stevens blue eyes are magical indeed.

The entire production design was fascinating. Beauty & The Beast will be back with a newer look, for now this one was heartwarming.


Film Review- Inside Out (Everybody Must Watch It)

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Inside Out Poster Courtesy of Pixar Planet

Inside Out Poster Courtesy of Pixar Planet

Everybody must watch it! Yes, your emotions can play you and you need to be more in touch with them. Disney Pixar’s Inside Out is a masterpiece on the current rollercoaster situation that human beings are going through, but there was no better way to dissect, accept and realize.

This story is about an ordinary couple who have a baby girl called Riley and we are taken into Riley’s mind to see how emotions change from situation to situation, age to age and love to hate. The idea of having a character per emotion is just brilliant and they couldn’t have gotten it more accurate.

Comedian Amy Poehler is the emotion “Joy” and in a way she is the protagonist because no matter what we are always just trying to be happy and it is up to joy to keep us that way. She is in charge, but it is not always easy. You are reminded of Toy Story and there easily will be a sequel because Riley will become a teenager and how those emotions will be expressed will be interesting to watch. But in an animated way may be not, what would be challenging is to see if just like Pixar revolutionized the animation world when they made Toy Story, can they go another level or a new dimension altogether and show us how else movies can be made? Time will tell.

Every parent, child, uncle, aunty, teacher, and so many others, everybody must watch it!

Film Review- ABCD 2 Definitely Dance Worth It

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ABCD 2 Poster Courtesy IBTimes

ABCD 2 Poster Courtesy IBTimes

Remo D’souza received fame and recognition when he was a judge for the inaugural Dance India Dance show. From thereon he never looked back and soon he announced India’s first dance film- ABCD (a title coined by his co-judge Terence Lewis- Any Body Can Dance).

The first instalment was a success especially that he made a splash and got noticed. He introduced Prabhu Deva in an acting avatar, his best and DID’s best dance students and gave us Lauren Gottlieb. Sensational dancing and very much inspired from So You Think You Can Dance and Step Up but having a story close to home, are Indian parents ready to accept that their children can make a career out of dancing.

ABCD 2 goes to the next stage of professional dancing and what it means to be original, hardworking and having the utmost determination to succeed despite all the odds. The story is inspired by real life dance group Fictitious. Remo doesn’t waste time on love stories or other melodrama and tries hard to stay on the topic, Suresh and his group need to clear their name, get a second chance and prove to India they can do it.

The performances by Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor and the rest of the dance stars is as expected. Prabhu Deva shows versatility but obviously he is a better dancer. The story could have been executed at a faster pace, but maybe in 3rd instalment there will be more improvements.

The soundtrack of the film is the winner and has to be because good songs give great dance. Music directors Sachin-Jigar also did the background score but it was a little dry and could have been done better. Their compositions however were all brilliant and bringing back the anthem of ABCD – Bezuban was awesome.

Choreography is the king of this film and hats off to Remo and his team. Watching this on 3D is even more interesting, thus Remo sets new standards.

Overall,  power packed for those who were looking for dance and a good time. With Disney as a production house however I hope the 3rd one has super stars from Hollywood too. We need a new dimension and world dance off for real next time.