Diplomat’s Delight- Darkest Hour, Film Review

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Gary Oldman is an excellent actor but to convince you that he is Winston Churchill seemed the impossible he made possible. The lanky actor became overweight and old with the hair and makeup but his acting talent remained flawless behind the layers of England’s dynamic Prime Minister.

Darkest Hour comes down to the moments leading up to the British soldiers stranded at Dunkirk and challenge of Hitler finally invading the entire Europe. It is an excellent historical account of the Prime Minister’s early days and how he dealt with some of the toughest decisions he probably ever made in his life. It is a must watch for every leader to learn and observe what happened, what could be and what you become?

The best scene in the film is between Winston and King George. The King visits Winston and shows his support for showing grit against Hitler and whatever the outcome he will remain a highly respected leader in his eyes. The film has been directed by Joe Wright and since his debut film Pride and Prejudice, Darkest Hour is one of his finest work so far. Anthony McCarten who wrote the film The Theory of Everything brought his Oscar touch to Darkest Hour.

Kristin Scott Thomas played the role of Winston’s wife, Clementine and she left her mark with her confident body language and deep set eyes. Lily James as Winston’s typist symbolizes the hopeful generation that went on to increase development after the war.

Gary shines all the way and while it gets exhausting to get to the end, he holds you to the task of his short war in convincing his cabinet not to give in to Hitler.




Entertaining Like a Bollywood Film- King Arthur the Legend of the Sword Film Review

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King Arthur The Legend of the Sword Courtesy Hypable

King Arthur The Legend of the Sword Courtesy Hypable

Once upon a time there was a legendary king known as Arthur, who was famous for drawing out a sword from the stone. Welcome to Director Guy Ritchie’s version of King Arthur- The Legend of the Sword.

Guy chose the Sons of Anarchy TV super star Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur and the supporting cast including Jude Law, Eric Bana, Djimon Hounsou and Aiden Gillen do not disappoint. The story is about two brothers King Uther Pendragon (Eric Bana) the good king and his jealous brother Vortigern (Jude Law) who plots to take over using black magic and powers of Mordred.

Uther’s son Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) survives an attack and escapes to a brothel in Londinium. Here he grows up and becomes a hustler and fighter until he draws the sword and Sir Bedivere (Djimon Hounsou) and Goosefat Bill Wilson (Aiden Gillen) with the help of The Mage magician recruit Arthur to fight Vortigern.

The battle that ensues is not your typical war epic, but more than that. It is clever, cheeky and yes of course very English. You need to see the great cinematography by John Mathieson who previously worked with Guy on The Man from U.N.C.L.E and the excellent support from the soundtrack by Daniel Pemberton , who made his breakthrough in Ridley’s Scott’s The Counselor. In fact the song Run Londinium should hit the major charts possibly.

This raw, gritty, huge sets film is typical Guy Ritchie, but he has most definitely done his best work here and with possible sequels to follow, this franchise is huge. The star cast of Charlie, Jude and the rest also add their talent and power to their respective characters. This is a well thought out cast and well written story by David Dobkin and Joby Harold.

King Arthur- The Legend of the Sword is a big must.