Veteran Acting at its Best, Khujli Film Review

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Jackie Shroff Courtesy India.Com

Jackie Shroff Courtesy India.Com

You know an excellent actor when they just do their work flawlessly, that’s called being a veteran. Jackie Shroff is so cute in this short film Khujli and Neena Gupta who plays his wife is simply marvelous. This film about a couple in their 60s trying to act out a scene from the book of Fifty Shades of Grey is just so cool.

Well done to writer and director Sonam Nair. Her debut Bollywood film was Gippi and with Khujli she has aroused curiosity to see her next work. The film is from Terribly Tiny Tales.

The film was a winner at the Jio Filmfare Awards 2018 for Best Actor in Short Film.




Rani Mukerji’s an Instant Hit- Hichki Film Review

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Hichki Courtesy Movie Talkies

Hichki Courtesy Movie Talkies


No matter how old we become there will always be that one teacher that left you inspired. Yash Raj Films have gone for an adaptation of the book Front of the Class: How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never Had by Brad Cohen.


The Tourette Syndrome is a neurotic disorder where the person is either sniffling too much or making a distinct ticking sound uncontrollably.

The producers filled the shoes of the teacher’s role with the versatile actress, Rani Mukerji. Rani is incidentally married to the producer Aditya Chopra and they have a two-year-old daughter named Adira. Rani was last seen in the film Mardaani…(Read More on Kenya Buzz)

A Snowy Romance, Mountain Between Us Film Review

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The Mountain Between Us Courtesy PopSugar

The Mountain Between Us Courtesy PopSugar

Idris Elba oozes sex appeal, but this time he showers romance to Kate Winslet in the film The Mountain Between Us.

Dr Ben Bass and journalist Alex Martin end up on a charter plan, when the pilot has a fit and dies, leaving the plane to crash in the mountain.

When he wakes up, he notices that Alex has severe leg injuries and has not gained consciousness. He gets to work, collecting all supplies possible and keeping her well. When she wakes up she is naturally disoriented that she has missed her wedding day.

Soon it becomes survival for the fittest and Alex insists they must walk down the cliff otherwise they will die up there. Ben is dealing with personal issues and he takes long to make up his mind, Alex takes a walk. Ben goes after her and now each other becomes the physical and mental support as they discover their true identities and the crisis they have faced in their respective lives and career.

This love story is unusual and when they meet in New York, anybody who loves New York will realize that it is a city of love.

The film is based on the same book written by Charles Martin and has been directed by Hany Abu-Assad.

This is Hany’s big Hollywood entry.

Idris is beautiful, vulnerable and strong at the same time. Kate is gorgeous, strong and stubborn. It is superb cool love story.






Wicked Wonderful, Bright Film Review

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Bright Courtesy of VOX

Bright Courtesy of VOX

Will Smith is Hollywood’s biggest actors and star. When he does a Netflix film, you have to take notice.

Bright is a fiction-based film set in Los Angeles where the Los Angeles Police Department is protecting the Magic Wand. Yes, this crazy idea is a treat to watch. There are Elves who are the classy and rich, then the orcs are the enemies of state and dwarves are the workers and finally humans are one step below the elves, fighting out their survival.

Will Smith plays the role of the LAPD Cop, Daryl Ward who returns to duty after being shot by an orc while buying a hot dog on the street. Unfortunately he also has an orc as his partner, and he was unable to catch the shooter. Joel Edgerton plays the role of his partner and is an orc.

The two end up in interesting situations and finally it is up to them to protect the magic wand, which can wipe out the entire planet. This action packed film has been well captured by cinematographer Roman Vasyanov who has also worked on Fury (Mad Max) and Suicide Squad. These two films are also common between Roman and the director David Ayer. This team has given BRIGHT a new version of fiction crime films.

Max Landis who has written the film is definitely making a big break in his career with this unusual story.

Bright is a good watch for action and Will Smith fans. Joel Edgerton who was last seen in the serious role of Richard Loving in the racial romantic tragic film Loving impresses you with his performance as the orc Jakoby.


Die Hard- Dunkirk Film Review

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Dunkirk Courtesy Puremzine

Dunkirk Courtesy Puremzine

If the British did not hold their fort at Dunkirk then the Second World War could have easily reached their shore.

Dunkirk has been written and directed by Christopher Nolan and whenever he takes on a project he changes major things in the game of movie making. From block busters like Batman Begins, Inception and The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher leaves his mark for excellence.

Dunkirk is a film based on the Battle of Dunkirk when the British and French soldiers were left to wait to be rescued by the seaside as they fought valiantly against the Nazi Germany in 1940.

Christopher picks the themes of land, air and sea to show off the hardships and close shaves his heroes face. From the bomber planes to the Navy warships and the men at the beach with their rifles, they are all trying to save their lives from Nazi Germany. He uses an interesting time lapse technique to depict his story from the Pilots, Navy Officers to the rescuers who come on their private British cruisers.

The stars in the film include, the voice of Michael Caine, then One Direction’s pop star Harry Styles makes his acting debut, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance and Tom Hardy.

It is an excellent watch. The pressure builds up with the help of the soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, another one of his excellent piece of work. The cinematographer Dutch Hoyte van Hoytema whose work includes the James Bond Spectre, proves his brilliant skills in taking the audience from beach to sea and the skies suspense of the war.

Dunkirk is a must for die hard Nolan fans and any one who wants to see a piece of history captured magnificently.

The Girl Shines- Gifted Film Review

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Gifted Film

Captain America is always busy saving the world but what if he needed the saving himself? Chris Evans (Captain America) settles in comfortably in the role of Uncle Frank in the film Gifted directed by Marc Webb who is known for making the Amazing Spiderman films.

Gifted is the story about a very talented and genius niece Mary who is being protected by her uncle, such that he does not want her to go to a regular school, get discovered and sent to a “lab type school” and loose her sanity because her mother committed suicide for being a genius who was on the verge of cracking a Maths problem.

Frank and Mary are supported in this scheme by their neighbor Roberta Taylor and it is when Mary’s maternal Grandmother Evelyn comes over to complete her daughter’s Maths problem that a court case ensues.

Chris Evans is handsome and looks very sweet as the troubled brother, uncle and son. Octavia Spencer is wonderful as Roberta and while Lindsay Duncan looks perfect as the quintessential grandma, it is Mckenna Grace who steals the show as Mary. Jenny Slate who is famous for her TV Series House of Lies lends a supportive hand as Mary’s teacher.

This beautiful and heartwarming story is just that, beautiful.


Worth the Half Wait- Half Girlfriend Film Review

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Half Girlfriend

When Chetan Bhagat writes a book, it seems like it is made for the silver screen. His book the Half Girlfriend was this time picked up by Director Mohit Suri. Mohit is known to make films where the female is conflicted and the male protagonist is struggling to live up to her expectations.

Half Girlfriend is just like that and more.

Yes, it goes beyond the half.

This is a story about Madhav, coming from Bihar who wants to study Psychology in Delhi to give a better life to his home ground. When he meets Riya he realizes he has found love and a purpose to be a successful man. The subject is very reality based and this could happen to any 20 year-olds in University or College who are starting out to figure their life and purpose of love.

Arjun Kapoor is Madhav and Shradha Kapoor is Riya, and this this their love story. It has been beautifully written and dialogues included by the team of Tushar Hiranandani and Ishita Moitra Udhwani. The performances by Arjun and Shradha are excellent, Arjun is definitely growing as an actor and his large size is actually an asset of a mature guy who is comfortable about his big personality.

Director Mohit Suri has done a fabulous job but he lacks in a good cinematographer partner. Taking the film to New York for the climax is a good idea, but soon you wear out of the obviousness and right at the end, it looks like they are in a studio. Otherwise Half Girlfriend is a romantic watch and a tissue box catch.

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