When the world heard about the Brangelina break-up it was inconsolable. But Mr Brad Pitt has bounced back on the silver screen with the Second World War film, Allied starring opposite Marion Cotillard.

The film has been directed by Robert Zemeckis who made the iconic Forrest Gump so expectations were high from this war love story.

Max Vatan, a Canadian Officer is sent on a secret mission to Morocco and has to pretend to be Mariaane Beausejour’s husband. However it does not take long for both them to turn their fake relationship into a real one and Max even manages to get Mariaane into the possibly only safest place during the war, London.

They have a child, but they are also carrying a secret, or perhaps Marianne is. Max is faced with an unusual choice and it is decision of duty over love, which one will he choose and is there a third one?

This is the passionate love story of two of the most beautiful actors in Hollywood right now, the ever-handsome Brad Pitt and sultry Marion Cotillard. Rumors were very strong at some point that this film could have caused the break up of Brad and Angelina Jolie’s marriage.

If you want to head back in time and experience a love story under bombshells and dressed in stylish costumes (by the way Costume Designer Joanna Johnston was nominated for an Academy Award), then indulge in this film.

Excellent work by Brad as the conflicted husband and Marion is clever in playing two-dimensional characters.