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The most famous woman in the world, the most famous assassination and the most famous couple, this is the film Jackie.

Natalie Portman won the Academy Award for the film Black Swan and since then has returned to the big screen with the film Jackie.

Director Pablo Larrain and writer Noah Oppenheim have woven a personal biographical story of the woman behind the funeral arrangements. Otherwise how else do create history and linger on the minds of the world.

Jackie is a conversation between herself and journalist Billy Crudup as she sips over a drink and takes a smoke. She has a distinct way of speaking, it is almost as if she is controlling a lisp and he stares through her, by the time they are done he has a new idea of who Jackie is then when he stepped through the front door.

We are taken through the assassination, behind the hospital doors, bedrooms and funeral car over what happened till the burial. Her frank conversations with her brother-in-law and opinions about what is and could be, against the backdrop of her interview on the public viewing of the White House through television is a smart way to bring out “The Royal Presidential Couple’s” life to the screen.

Natalie is excellent but so bony and sickly in appearance. The film is of course all about her and she delivers.