Patriotic & Passionate, Parmanu Film Review

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Parmanu Courtesy Film Companion

Parmanu Courtesy Film Companion


The content is tight and well scripted by writer Saiwyn Quadras who has also written successful films Mary-Kom and Neerja. (Read the Kenya Buzz Film Review)



The number of patriotic films in India is definitely on the rise.

Actor Akshay Kumar restarted the trend for patriotic films about 5 years ago with his movies like Special 26, Holiday- A Soldier is Never off Duty and many more, releasing them on the Indian Republic Day or Independence Day.

Looks like the rest of Bollywood followed suit and now almost every month there is a film with a patriotic subject.

Parmanu is a brilliant account of the birth of India as a nuclear nation in 1998. The film has been produced by John Abraham and he has shown a track record of making meaningful films since his first production of Vicky Donor.

John also plays the lead role of Engineer Ashwat Raina and in his team are various skilled individuals of scientists and engineers and the head of security Diana Penty as Capt. Ambalika Bandopadhyay. This was a great change from the usual macho officer, she is portrayed as intelligent and competent, there was no need to wear shorts, tank tops and have a song and dance about it or a romantic scene with the hero.

There is brilliant work by the supporting actors Yogendra Tiku who plays Dr Narendra Sinha. He usually does father roles in films and it was nice to see him play his age as an established scientist and give sarky dialogues. Good work by the others too including Aditya Hitkari, Ajay Shankar and Vikas Kumar.

One of the best scenes in the film was when they are running out of time and have to get back to the camp before the American satellite spots their work, this nail biting scene was intense.

The film keeps you on the edge throughout especially with sharp direction by Abhishek Sharma and cinematography by Aseem Mishra and Zubin Mistry. The lead story writer is Saiwyan Quadras and from his previous work of Mary-Kom and Neerja, he continues to deliver a brilliant script.

Parmanu is a must watch and it will be one of John’s best films. The music by Jeet-Gannguli and Sachin-Jigar is cool, the patriotic sound comes in the background from time to time and keeps you focused on the subject, with good melody and meaningful lyrics.


Action with a Purpose, Force 2 Review

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Force 2 Courtesy Review Rating

Force 2 Courtesy Review Rating

There have been several benefits with Anil Kapoor taking up and bringing the TV Series 24 to India. One of them is in the work of Director Abhinay Deo, who has shot both Series 1 and 2.

Force 2 is based on the 2011 sequel Force where the main subject was the drugs smuggling and it launched the career of the villain Vidyut Jamwal.

Force 2 brings back John Abraham, who has also co-produced the film. John is the same cop, ACP Yashvardhan and still the hot-headed guy who wants to save the world from evil. His best friend is a Government spy and is killed and so the investigation begins and Yash has a clue to work with. He is assigned to work with the R.A.W. agent Kamaljeet Kaur and they head off to Budapest to start the hunt. The interesting plots, twists, villainous tricks by their target Shiv Sharma is quite a treat. Bollywood has really come a long way in terms of giving strength to plot, production design and of course action.

Sonakshi Sinha is Kamaljeet Kaur and she is definitely not your blonde off the block. She handles the role with ease. John is at his best in looks and acting. The villain played by Tahir Raj Bhasin, is the black sheep and he will surely have a long career in Bollywood. He has to make sure he is not stereotyped as a mean guy by taking another negative role, since his debut was in Mardaani as the child trafficker.

Force 2 is a delight in use to time and space on the screen and the best part is the fight sequence where you get a video gaming style view of the action.