What a Bang On Bloody Hell! Film Review Rangoon

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“Bloody Hell!” yes, Rangoon is full of British-Indian drama that leads you through a nation fighting for its freedom and a lover who needs to be set free.

This unusual trap laid by Director Vishall Bhardwaj will be interesting for some and not entertaining for most.

Rangoon is a story about a B-grade actress Miss Julia (Kangana Ranuat) who has been propelled to fame by her master, Rusi (Saif Ali Khan) and she is at his beck and call until she meets her real life hero, Nawab Mallik (Shahid Kapoor).

Screenwriter Matthew Robbins worked with Vishal for 7 Khoon Maaf, and it is no wonder there is a similarity in the love story plot, intense, surprising and demanding.

At the backdrop of the film is the ongoing quest for freedom, where Mahatma Gandhi wants to do it the anti-violence way and Subash Chandra Bose creates the Indian National Army. Nawab is crucial to making a promise to freedom happen, but he needs Julia, he never bargained for love, and only one must live.

Kangana Ranuat has repeated her Queen success, while Shahid has definitely stolen the limelight in terms of performance and Saif Ali Khan is at his most handsome best considering age. This trio handle the film superbly.

The other winner in the film is the Cinematographer, Pankaj Kumar who has captured the outdoors in a very new leaf on the silver screen.

Rangoon will be appreciated later in years to come.


A New Romance With an Old Touch, Sanam Teri Kasam Film Review

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Sanam Teri Kasam

Sanam Teri Kasam is not even close to its older namesake. Here is a new romance with an old touch, why? The story is based on a love story that just happens, yes love usually does happen, but we complicate it by trying to hard to make it happen.

Saru is the eldest daughter and since she is a nerd, boys are finding her unattractive and boring. Her younger sister Kaveri already has a boyfriend but she can’t get married till Saru finds a suitable husband. Their parents are very conservative especially her father and he seems to control everything in the house and colony. Inder is a spoilt brat living in the colony and having fun with women however he likes.

Saru and he first meet in a lift, when she has dressed up as a bear, just to impress her wannabe boyfriend who really doesn’t take her seriously. Saru’s parents are away for a night and very quickly a misunderstanding builds up because she ends up in Inder’s flat. Saru is kicked out of her house and her father does her funeral rites. She has nowhere to go but be with Inder. He transforms her and her wannabe boyfriend takes notice and is ready to marry her. Alas, she is left on the alter and Inder and her end up making love. What happens next is unusual and very practical. The favourite scene is when Saru is in the bath tub and she is helpless, with her lost love, new love and the life to come.

The film is all about a simple girl, who is being herself but the society has a tag and expiry date on her life, love and marriage. Mawra Hocane, Pakistani VJ is simply genius and beautiful as Saru. Harshvardhan Rane as Inder is equally good looking and puts up a good performance as a broken down man. Manish Choudhary as Saru’s father is excellent, he has been a force to reckon with since his powerful work in Rocket Singh. Directors duo Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru, may have started their careers with Salman Khan for Lucky No Time for Love, but they learned more in the Sunny Deol and Kangana Ranaut I Love NY and Sanam Teri Kasam is even better. Their next one will be worth the wait, the film’s music by Himesh Reshammiya is also not to be ignored.