Let’s Have That Conversation, Viceroy’s House Film Review

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Viceroy's House courtesy of Another Tongue

Viceroy’s House courtesy of Another Tongue

The Bend It Like Beckham decided to make a personal story with the film Viceroy’s House. Director Gurinder Chadha who gained worldwide recognition with her film Bend It Like Beckham co-wrote the story for this film based on the Partition of India and Pakistan.

The film has been dubbed in Hindi and given the title Partition 1947 and Chadha’s grandparents were directly affected by this historical event.

The film stars the famous Downtown Abbey star Hugh Bonneville as Lord Mountbatten, X-files super star Gillian Anderson as Lady Mountbatten, Manish Dayal as Jeet and Huma Qureshi as Aalia. The film also includes the late Om Puri as Aalia’s blind father and a mix of British Asian and Indian actors in other roles.

Viceroy’s House as the name suggests is set on the last few weeks of the posting of Lord Mountbatten to India to complete the process of Independence and handover India to the countrymen. When he arrives there are many changes that begin and he soon realizes that there is the talk of partition looming. He tries his utmost to avoid the situation but the leaders, including Mahatma Gandhi are at a conundrum and Mountbatten gets the final approval from Prime Minister Churchill and thus the famous Radcliffe line is drawn.

In the backdrop is the love story between Hindu Jeet and Muslim Aalia, who have to make the decision just like the rest of the staff working for the Viceroy and the rest of the country to which side to swear their allegiance.

Gurinder Chadha gives you a great story and she does not waste time in keeping the pace of what needs to be done- the partition. With the production assistance from BBC Films there are several black and white newsreels she uses to add to the story and show the suffering and consequences of the carnage that was ensuing between the Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims. Historical films like these can not be all like Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, so Gurinder does deliver an important gem to the cinema industry that will be remembered for years to come.

There are excellent performances by Hugh, but it is Gillian as Lady Edwina and Manish Dayal as Jeet who steal your hearts.

Viceroy’s House will serve to be a productive discuss over ek cup chai.


The Hundred Foot Journey- Film Review

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The Hundred Foot Journey Movie Courtesy HD Movie Wallpapers

The Hundred Foot Journey Movie Courtesy HD Movie Wallpapers

Food does have a language,
















The Hundred Foot Journey, has been produced by Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey and Juliet Blake. Mr Spielberg is close to a big Indo-Western Oscar story in the future, while Oprah has branched out beautifully with Harpo Films.

Om Puri as Mr Kadam, is India’s finest and there is no doubt he leads well in the film. His character’s thrifty charm and determination to make a successful Indian restaurant in Southern France, lights up the passion for a food war between Kadam and Madame Mallory, who is charming Helen Mirren (it was difficult to accept a British actress in this role, but she delivered effortlessly).

The other two stars of the film are Manish Dayal who plays the son Hassan Kadam and the chef par excellence, who has gifted hands and training from his mother, portrayed by India’s well known actress Juhi Chawla. The second lady is Charlotte Le Bon whose character shines as an intelligent and finally successful chef at Madam Mallory’s restaurant.

The Hundred Foot Journey is based on a book by Richard C Morais and is executed with simplicity and grace by Director Lasse Hallstrom. There is no exaggeration of steaming hot kitchens or plates of designer food, there is a good balance of story, character and the main star- food. The best desert is the magical music of A R Rahman, he doesn’t let you know and the boisterous team song he has composed, is wonderful.

The film deserves much love and one that is watched for a different look at life, we all have a story, imagine yours can be so yummy.

Hollywood Releases to Watch Out For- July, August, September 2014

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Denzel Washington In Training Day (Courtesy Celebswear)

Denzel Washington In Training Day (Courtesy Celebswear)

He was known to be one of Hollywood’s finest actors and is missed every time there is need for casting a devious, calculative and mysterious character. Philip Seymour Hoffman will be seen in “A Most Wanted Man” with a stunning group of actors including Robin Wright Penn, Daniel Bruhl, William Dafoe and Rachel McAdams. This CIA plot film sees twists and turns and expected surprise as Director Anton Corbijn did with his last film “The American”. It will also be change for Rachel McAdams from a glamorous or girlfriend role and one that is of an operative.



She has been the Queen and kick ass assassin in Red, but now she is an obsessed Restaurant owner who gets into to competition with the new neighbours. Helen Mirren plays Madame Mallory and Manish Dayal is Hassan Haji and thus begins their competition with a love twist of Hassan’s Papa, actor Om Puri serenading Madam Mallory in the film “The Hundred Foot Journey”. The film’s soundtrack has been done by Oscar winner A R Rahman and proves to be a delightful, personal and tasty story produced by Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg.



You can almost never go wrong with dashing Denzel Washington. He comes in the film “The Equalizer” which reunites him with his “Training Day” director Antoine Fuqua. The expectations are hard action sequences, clever lines and a possible strong plot at the end of it all.