Worth the Half Wait- Half Girlfriend Film Review

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Half Girlfriend

When Chetan Bhagat writes a book, it seems like it is made for the silver screen. His book the Half Girlfriend was this time picked up by Director Mohit Suri. Mohit is known to make films where the female is conflicted and the male protagonist is struggling to live up to her expectations.

Half Girlfriend is just like that and more.

Yes, it goes beyond the half.

This is a story about Madhav, coming from Bihar who wants to study Psychology in Delhi to give a better life to his home ground. When he meets Riya he realizes he has found love and a purpose to be a successful man. The subject is very reality based and this could happen to any 20 year-olds in University or College who are starting out to figure their life and purpose of love.

Arjun Kapoor is Madhav and Shradha Kapoor is Riya, and this this their love story. It has been beautifully written and dialogues included by the team of Tushar Hiranandani and Ishita Moitra Udhwani. The performances by Arjun and Shradha are excellent, Arjun is definitely growing as an actor and his large size is actually an asset of a mature guy who is comfortable about his big personality.

Director Mohit Suri has done a fabulous job but he lacks in a good cinematographer partner. Taking the film to New York for the climax is a good idea, but soon you wear out of the obviousness and right at the end, it looks like they are in a studio. Otherwise Half Girlfriend is a romantic watch and a tissue box catch.


Chique & Classic- Cafe Society Film Review

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Cafe Society Courtesy Show Film First

Cafe Society Courtesy Show Film First

The 80-year-old director Woody Allen has made over 60 films and shows no signs of retiring. For his film Café Society he has probably worked with the youngest cast ever, that includes Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart and Blake Lively. These three super stars are well known for The Facebook movie, Twilight Series and Gossip Girls TV series, but thankfully they are good actors.

Café Society is set in the Hollywood of 1930s where an unusual triangular love story happens by chance between an uncle, his girlfriend and his nephew. Steve Carell plays the Uncle Phil and he is nothing short of brilliance. While his face expressions may usually stay non-responsive he surely makes up for it with his body language and speech. Kristen Stewart is the love interests both uncle and nephew is in love with. She is Uncle Phil’s secretary and does not want the Hollywood glamour until they get married. Bobby Dorfam (Jesse Eisenberg) is crushed to hear this twist and returns home to New York because he quickly discovers he does not want to become an actor. In New York his brother recruits him to run the new nightclub, which grows to become the American sensation and place to be. During this heartbreak Bobby meets another Veronica (Blake Lively), nicknames her Vonnie (former girlfriend Kristen Stewart) and they get married and have a child. But what happens when after a few years Vonnie does walk in with her husband Phil?

Woody Allen makes films look like books and Café Society is just that. It is a beautiful love story that has its own Hollywood drama, pace, décor, fashion and emotions. It is a must watch for Hollywood fans and especially if you are seeking a simple love story.

Film Review- Mother of George

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Adenike Courtesy of The King Bulletin

Adenike Courtesy of The King Bulletin


I love you,

I love you too much,

I love you even before I knew you,



I have sacrificed,

I have sinned,

I have loved,



I want you more than anything,

I think about you all the time,

I have no choice,



I want to be your wife,

I want to be the daughter in law,

I want to be the Mother of George,



Great performance by Danai Gurira who as Adenike wins your heart in her silent struggle, living in New York married to a hard working Nigerian Restaurant Owner and haunted by the ultimate acceptance, giving birth to a grandchild.

Director Andrew Dosunmu is a magician in detail. We are not bothered with the hustle, bustle, glam or even the fact that they are in New York. We are to see Adenike’s story because…

Hollywood Movies- Must Watch List July, August, September 2013


We start off with a touch of romance, and this time it is the Woody Allen’s picture “Blue Jasmine“. The 3 big reasons to watch: Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin and of course it’s a Woody Allen film.


The next one is “Lee Daniels The Butler” and hands down, with a star cast of Forest Whitaker, Robin Williams, a Weinstein Company production and bonus, Oprah Winfrey.




The last one is an English pick, “Rush” based on a true story and the 3 reasons to watch are, actor Chris Hemsworth as James Hunt, Revenge with Niki Lauda and Formula 1.