Straight From The Heart, Film Review LION

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Sunny Pawar stars in LION
Photo: Mark Rogers

When a true story makes headlines around the world and especially at the Academy Awards, you have to sit up and take notice. Dev Patel is back in India and searching for his family.

After his successful debut in the Danny Boyle film Slumdog Millionaire, Dev plays Saroo Brierley who is adopted by Australian parents and then goes back to India in search of his family with the help of Google Earth.

This is a big film for Director Garth Davis and he has certainly delivered a magnificent story. Cinematographer Greg Fraser has captured both Australia and India in the most stunning way possible, while still maintaining the reality of the situation, for example when young Saroo wakes up alone at a platform at the railway station, the loneliness creeps you up too.

The star of the film however remains the young Sunny Pawar who plays young Saroo. This little kid wins your heart and the story spends a good 30 minutes in the beginning in India, a risky proposition but Garth Davis knew what he was doing. Nicole Kidman as Sue Brierley, Saroo’s adoptive mother is superb and being such a mother in real life too must have added to her work in this film. David Wenham as John Brierley, Saroo’s adoptive father is good too and also Rooney Mara as Lucy, Saroo’s girlfriend is excellent.

This true story is remarkable and worth a watch. The film has been adapted from the book A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierley and Larry Buttrose.

Bollywood actors Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Tannishtha Chatterjee and Deepti Naval also add their excellent skills to their short roles.

LION is a story of the brave, the lost and the hopeless who overcome life’s harsh realities of belonging.


My Dear Lady- Grace of Monaco Film Review

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Nicole Kidman as Grace of Monaco, Photo Courtesy of Fan Pop

Nicole Kidman as Grace of Monaco, Photo Courtesy of Fan Pop

To write a film review will not do enough justice, except help garner more votes for the film’s leading lady to win an Oscar, so here is a poem dedicated to an incredible character and a woman the world should not forget.

My Dear Lady

Fair, fearless and faithful,

You carry the Grace of love like a diamond in your heart,

The Star that follows you is your own humble light


My Dear Lady

Courage comes to those who are most scared,

Wisdom rescues you when you reach the end,

Wishes are real because your fairytale does exist


My Dear Lady

Compassion stares you in the eye,

You don’t falter because right and wrong are just but simple,

Reality is nothing but what you make of it


My Dear Lady

Beauty follows you in every step,

Love admires you in every form,

Kindness settles the mood


Congratulations to Nicole Kidman in advance for a wonderful move in her career of great films, Grace of Monaco.