Film Review: Aloha (Men Can Talk)

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Aloha Emma Stone Courtesy Twitch Film

Aloha Emma Stone Courtesy Twitch Film

Men can talk, men can talk silently. This is “Aloha” the Hawaiian galaxy romance starring Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone, Alec Baldwin, Bill Murray, Danny McBride and John Krasinski. The film has been written and directed by Cameron Crowe who struck big with his Jerry Maguire.

The story is a coming home message in the complex love triangle between Brian (Bradley), Tracy (Rachel) and Captain Alison (Emma). Brian is dealing with PTSD from an incident during his Afghanistan tour and now doing private work for the “don” Carson Welch (Bill Murray). While it may be a plot to save the world and there is a moment “America saves the World”, you have to appreciate the good looks and the restrained Bradley and Emma’s beautiful weird romance. They are who they are and that’s it.

Bill Murray is great at being a sleazy don and has some big lines. Alec Baldwin reminds you of Pearl Harbour and John Krasinski was looking all toned out and his sad, silent dad version was convincing. After seeing the chemistry of Jennifer Lawrence with Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook and Serena, Emma is the only one who could beat it.

Aloha is a cool, romantic, sit down film, don’t miss it. Sometimes you just need that sprinkle of good to touch you and inspire you.



Hollywood Releases to Watch Out For- July, August, September 2014

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Denzel Washington In Training Day (Courtesy Celebswear)

Denzel Washington In Training Day (Courtesy Celebswear)

He was known to be one of Hollywood’s finest actors and is missed every time there is need for casting a devious, calculative and mysterious character. Philip Seymour Hoffman will be seen in “A Most Wanted Man” with a stunning group of actors including Robin Wright Penn, Daniel Bruhl, William Dafoe and Rachel McAdams. This CIA plot film sees twists and turns and expected surprise as Director Anton Corbijn did with his last film “The American”. It will also be change for Rachel McAdams from a glamorous or girlfriend role and one that is of an operative.



She has been the Queen and kick ass assassin in Red, but now she is an obsessed Restaurant owner who gets into to competition with the new neighbours. Helen Mirren plays Madame Mallory and Manish Dayal is Hassan Haji and thus begins their competition with a love twist of Hassan’s Papa, actor Om Puri serenading Madam Mallory in the film “The Hundred Foot Journey”. The film’s soundtrack has been done by Oscar winner A R Rahman and proves to be a delightful, personal and tasty story produced by Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg.



You can almost never go wrong with dashing Denzel Washington. He comes in the film “The Equalizer” which reunites him with his “Training Day” director Antoine Fuqua. The expectations are hard action sequences, clever lines and a possible strong plot at the end of it all.



Lonely At The Top- Meet Jay Gatsby, Film Review of The Great Gatsby

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There is no doubt that writer F.Scott Fitzgerlad is a brilliant writer and there was not better choice of Director other than Baz Luhrmann to take The Great Gatsby onto celluloid. Yes, this first Drama/Romance film in 3D is glorious. The 3D effect and Baz’s clever direction puts you in the picture in most instances, for example The Plaza scene, the driving of the cars, the Gatsby parties, Jay kissing Daisy and Nick’s anger over the death of Jay.

Cover of "The Great Gatsby"

Cover of The Great Gatsby

Since Baz made Moulin Rouge, he was quickly nicknamed the Hollywood-Bollywood Director and with The Great Gatsby, the comparisons were going to come back. However, he was lavish, shiny and dramatic but not like Bollywood. He has his own style and the distinction comes with the fact that he stays close to the story and does not divert into mini-stories or hanging drama, for example the love affair between Tom Buchanan and Myrtle Wilson, or Nick and Jordan’s short attempt at being a couple as per the book.

Toby MacGuire fills in the shoes of Nick Carraway ably, while Joel Edgerton as Tom Buchanan looks like the botox hasn’t quite settled on his face and Elizabeth Debicki as Jordan Baker was a reminder of actress Emily Blunt subdued. Meanwhile, the first in his career and that too playing the role of a mafia boss Meyer Wolfsheim is the Bollywood mega star- Amitabh Bachchan. His English has always been proficient and the entire look sat well with him, it would have been interesting to see his reaction when Jay dies.

It is the romantic couple of Jay and Daisy that are the starry eyed, sad faced, so much in love that win the heart. Leonardo DiCaprio was excellent and carries the negative streak with the plea of perfect love which is represented by Jay’s Green Light stealthy. Carey Mullighan as Daisy is not an outstandingly beautiful woman, but manages to shine through the tough love. At some point she reminds you of Rachel McAdams in the film Notebook, especially when she is young and meets Jay.

Product placement by Tiffanys has been used abundantly and the hip-hop music scene in and out of the script settles in as a long drive to an adventure.

The Great Gatsby directed by Baz Luhrmann and starring Leonardo DiCaprio will be remembered for its 3D visuals and sincere attempt of seeing the story through “God’s eyes”.